ZoneAlarm Datalock hides your private data

by Dev Duff on November 26, 2010

ZoneAlarm Datalock keeps your private data private even if your laptop is lost or stolen! Isn’t this a wonderful software for laptop/notebook owners? Yesterday I was looking for a good software for laptop that can save my private data from falling in wrong hands. I wanted a security software that could keep my important files, important documents, passwords and other info safe. I found the ZoneAlarm Datalock a very useful software, it simply makes your laptop or netbook unreadable to others, even if it is lost or stolen. Also, it keeps your private data “private” if other people have access to your laptop at your home or office.

ZoneAlarm Datalock

ZoneAlarm Datalock

ZoneAlarm Datalock automatically encrypts all hard drive contents, including the operating system, system files and temporary and erased files. All logical partitions are boot-protected and encrypted, sector-by-sector. As a result, attempts to copy individual files, or introduce rogue programs for brute force attacks, are made impossible – even if the hard drive is physically transferred to another computer. It simply provides ultimate protection to a computer system! ZoneAlarm Datalock provides hard drive encryption, pre-boot authentication, works with all security software programs, provides automatic invisible operation, it is easy to setup and has 24/7 password recovery service.

ZoneAlarm Datalock FAQ

Does it work with other security software?
Yes! Datalock works with any security software.

Won’t this slow my system down?
No. Once installed, Datalock encrypts your hard drive quietly over the course of a few hours. After that, it silently updates the encryption while you work.

Does it encrypt everything? Why?
If only certain files were encrypted, you would remain vulnerable – temporary, deleted, and other files on your hard drive often have confidential information like credit card numbers. Datalock keeps all your data encrypted so you don’t worry about it.

Can I make certain files “public” or send in email?
You can use, send and share files the way you normally do. You don’t need to change your behavior in any way. Once you log-in after starting your laptop, everything works as it always did.

How does it work?
Just log-in and use it. ZoneAlarm Datalock automatically encrypts your entire hard drive in the background – including operating system files, temporary files, deleted files – to keep out anyone but you. Even sophisticated hackers cannot decrypt it (AES 256-bit encryption).

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