Which is the Best Antivirus Software – A Success Story

by Dev Duff on August 15, 2012

Which is the best antivirus software?

“Prevention is better than cure.”

I sure wasn’t confident about that a few years ago…

Antivirus software to me was just a piece of software but I never knew which is the best antivirus software that could protect my computer not only from viruses but also from spyware and other malware.

Thinking it would be a good idea, I started my own research a few months ago. I planned of spending some time exploring different antivirus programs available and know their capabilities.

While researching antivirus programs, I learned a lot of things and got lots of experience dealing with virus, spyware and other malicious software. To begin with, I checked some of the top ten antivirus articles to understand which antivirus programs people recommended the most.

I found a lot of success in categorizing the good and the bad antivirus software. I also figured out the success behind some of the most popular programs. Why those programs were in the limelight? Why people thought they were good when they were not that good.

Researching antivirus software – Know their capabilities

The idea here is, do not go with the hype, do your own research before establishing the best antivirus for your computer. I will not name any antivirus program otherwise you end up thinking I’m creating the hype. However, I will mention a few websites that can be really helpful in comparing antivirus ratings and knowing which program performed better than the other.

Talking about hype, we are living in a world where everything is driven by advertisements. The more you advertise your products, the better you get at selling your product. You can buy reputation with the help of paid reviews and advertisements.

Norton Antivirus is among the oldest antivirus programs but is it really the best to protect your computer? But because they advertise the product heavily, everybody knows about it. However, if you check the actual ratings, you will find that it is no better than an average software.

On the other hand, software like Preventon antivirus or the Auslogics antivirus are not so popular products. But the lab tests and performance ratings show a totally different picture. Both of these antivirus programs have worked wonders in the tests. Another great antivirus is the Coranti multi-scanning security software that has 4 different award-winning engines. So the question, which is the best antivirus software that can give you full protection against old and new viruses?

The answer is, do your own research and find out which is the best one. While I was researching, I read Andrew’s analysis of the top ten antivirus ratings which were based on his lab tests. In his ratings, he shows us that some of the most popular antivirus programs did not even come close to being the best. Instead, some of the “not so popular” software scored way more points in comparison.

The biggest secret to finding the best antivirus software

Think for a second, why are companies spending so much on paid reviews and advertisements? They know, without advertising the product, no one is going to buy it. So they are creating a hype by means of throwing money to attract customers. Visit individually each and ever security software manufacturer’s website. All of them claim to be the #1. All of them claim to be leaders. But are they really the leaders?

Finding the best antivirus is easy. You just have to use a good testing software.

This is exactly what I was saying, do not go with the hype. Instead, do your own research and go with the one which is best for your computer. It does not really take much to make your own assertions to the performance of different programs on your computer.

See what Andrew did to find out the performance and efficiency of various antivirus software. He used a PC benchmarking software to know the performance of the computer by taking two readings: one before installing antivirus and the other after installing the software. Then you can do same with all the other programs and know which one performed the best. The idea is to use some benchmarking software in order to know system performance ratings before and after installing an antivirus software. You will soon understand which is the best to provide the best security.

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Hey Dev, thanks for this insightful information. I am looking for a good security program. I had the free AVG but it allowed a couple of viruses that ruined my computer. Now I’m looking for a better software that can keep me protected.

I will do my own research and see which is the best one. I have a PC benchmarking software already installed on my computer. I will be using this software to take system readings.


Dev Duff

Good luck with your research Lenon!


Paula Shine

Good idea but do you think people have all that time in this world to test tens of antivirus programs?


Dev Duff

Well that’s up to you. If you wish to believe whatever BS comes your way, its your choice ..
Paula, you don’t really have to test each and every antivirus software available in the market. Just select 4 or 5 different programs and test them one by one.



good article. thanks for explaining how to find the best antivirus program.


Dev Duff

You are welcome :)


David Jr

Definitely a good method for making your own antivirus ratings based on your own tests.


Dev Duff

Glad you liked this article. Please share with others :)



Hey! Thanks :D I was fed up with AVG… Though it’s great as a free AV, still lacks many useful things :3

Thanks again for this article ;)


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