Verbatim 320 GB USB-FireWire External Hard Drive

by Dev Duff on May 17, 2009

Verbatim 320 GB USB-FireWire External Hard Drive

Designed to be small, compact and easy-to-carry, the Verbatim 320 GB USB-FireWire External Hard Drive is one must-have computer gadget to store all those bulky files, music, video, movies and documents. The hard drive is the size of your palm and looks simply awesome sitting besides the computer.

Palm-sized, durable and stylish with outstanding performance and capacity, the Verbatim features this tiny external hard drive that not only looks a beauty by design but is fast and can hold a lot of your digital stuff. Even with a capacity of 320 GB, this hard drive runs smooth. The USB 2.0 cable and the firewire 400 cable are shipped with the Hard Drive. You don’t need a separate power cable for this external HDD, it takes the required power from the computer itself. You can check customer reviews and specifications of this Hard Drive at Amazon by clicking here.

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I have been looking for external hard drive. I had a seagate earlier but that died. I have heard very good about the Verbatim external hard drives. I think I will try this one and see how it goes. Thanks for the review and your views about this hard drive.



External Hard Drives are excellent way to protect your data. I have the Maxtor portable external hard drive, but that is too bulky. This one seems to be pretty sleek. Verbatim has some very good external hard drives and certainly the 320GB is more than enough you would ever need. Of course, unless you download a lot of stuff from internet.


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