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by Dev Duff on May 25, 2011

Sometimes, you want to measure the performance of the your Mac hard drive or volume. The performance of the drive or volume is measured in terms of the data transfer time of the read/write operation within certain specified time. You can also measure the performance of your system by comparing against the standardized information of other systems. In such cases, you need to take the help of any Mac drive performance utility to do the job.

The performance of a Mac system can be measured by calculating the data transfer speed in between the Mac hard drive and the memory of the system while performing the reading or writing operation to the disk. The hard drive performance level of the system can be calculated by comparing the statistics of the system with certain predefined values of other systems. The Read/Write status estimation can be represented either in the form of raw data or in graphs.

Currently, there are many such utilities available in the market, which can help you to evaluate the volume performance for Mac. These utilities usually have two distinct options: Benchmark and Drive Performance.

You can choose the ‘Benchmark’ option to compare the performance level of your Mac system with other standardized systems. While carrying out the process, you first need to choose the Benchmark option and then, select the particular volume/drive from the list. You can choose the means in which you want to view the comparison. You can have the options, such as graph type, read/write mode and base value. After that you just have to hit the ‘Start Scan’ button and output will get displayed either graphically or numerically.

Similarly, you can choose the ‘Drive Performance’ option to view the performance of the selected Mac drive. After choosing the drive performance option, you can select the volume/drive, of which the drive performance is to be estimated. You need to choose the graph type, test mode, read/write buffer size, the duration of the test and hit the ‘Start Scan’ button.

These Mac drive performance utilities are extremely read-only in nature and does not make any harm neither to the system nor to the stored data. Moreover, these applications come with highly interactive graphical user interface, which give the users a ease of usage.

Mac Drive Toolbox is a highly appreciated hard drive performance measuring application. Drive Toolbox helps you calculating the drive performance of your Mac system, along with many other facilities. The software is absolutely risk-free and you can use it without worrying a little over the safety of your data in the drive/volume.

**This is a guest article by Nik Simpson. Nik enjoys sharing useful articles related to MAC computers and MAC utilities.

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