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by Dev Duff on December 15, 2010

Computers are supposed to make our life easier and they were invented to work faster than human brain. However, a recent study shows that 90% of computers are slow than their normal speed. Most of us have felt at times the computer running slow and taking lots of time to perform simple tasks. At the back of our head we know that something is not right and it is time to tune computer and make it work faster. So here are some excellent tips that will definitely help you speed up your computer without spending a dime!

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Uninstall unwanted programs

Think logically, you have installed loads of programs on your computer and a lot of those programs you do not use anymore. What is the point in keeping them on your computer? Go through the list of all the programs installed on your computer and once you are sure, start uninstalling/removing them one-by-one. Once you are done with removing all the unwanted software, restart your computer and notice the difference.

Faster antivirus security

A lot of times, antivirus security or the internet security package makes a computer perform slower. And you would feel that right away that it is the security program that takes loads of time whenever you start you computer. It is time to give up on slow security software and get a faster security software. Look out for good security software from top ten antivirus article we published earlier. BitDefender security is the best and fastest in my opinion.

Scan your computer

When was the last time you ran a full system scan? Recently? Well, then skip this step and move to the next one. But if you are among those who didn’t scan your computer recently, let’s run a full system scan. If there’s some virus or spyware on the computer, it may not allow you to run/complete the scan. Restart your computer in safe mode by pressing the F8 key when you just power up the computer. Run a full system scan in safe mode and you should be able to scan your computer without any issues.

Fine tune your computer

Fine tuning involves a lot of steps. You could begin by removing wallpapers, themes, mouse pointers, visual effects, increasing virtual memory, cleaning startup items, removing junk from the registry and lot of other things. However, all of those require a level of expertise and trying things on your own may result in a bigger mess. There are awesome software solutions available like Tuneup360 that incredibly makes a computer work faster. This little utility works like magic for slow computers, it does everything on its own and you sit back, enjoy your coffee.

Most computers experiencing performance issues should be fixed with the above mentioned tips. However, if your computer is still running slow, the problem may be related to hardware. You could try increasing the amount of RAM installed on your computer. Get more memory for your computer, that should help. But if you think it is time to get a new computer altogether, why not take a look at the HP computers store and see what suits your needs. Sometimes it is just better to say goodbye to your old computer and reward yourself with a brand new one.

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very good article, i’m trying to make my computer work faster and your article helped me a lot. thanks.



i uninstalled nearly 14 different software that i am not using anymore. that really helped me make my computer fast. thanks for the incredible tutorial.



i’m troubleshooting my computer and i’m half the way through with following your steps. i have already removed the unwanted programs and then i started in safe mode and ran a full system scan. no virus found but there was some malicious file that had some trojan thing. it is removed, i hope. i’m already feeling little change in the way my computer starts now. earlier it used to take loads of time to reach the desktop. now it takes considerably lesser time to load the programs at startup. thanks for taking the time to provide these troubleshooting steps.


John Prichard

very good article dude, certainly helped me speed up my computer. the tuneup software is amazing! it took care of all the tuning stuff and i feel like it is a new computer.



I personally have found that erasing extra unused programs can really help. Some programs even though they are really small seem like they take a lot of resources and bog the whole system down, I deleted the ones I don’t really need and things got better.

The hard disk is another area I found that seems to slow things down if it is at full capacity rather than having lots of free space. Simply putting rarely used items on an external disk helped a lot with speeding things up as well…


baja ringan

very, very and very useful information for me. Yeah my computer is very slow and I really do not like it | I will definetely try it …


Slow computer performance

I think that the fine tunning of the computer is the hardest part. You have to do custom changes for your pc so that you have the best performances.





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