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by Dev Duff on March 7, 2010


Carrying a mobile phone or iPhone in my pocket all the time is not the best thing when I’m on the move. Most of the times I’m wearing my jeans and certainly it becomes a little annoying at times to pull out my phone out of that tight pocket. It used to be pretty annoying until I came to know about Cliphanger, a great utility that made my life a lot easier.

I saw a couple of my friends using this wonderful mobile phone utility and found it really handy. After checking it on my friend’s mobile phone, I thought to order one for my phone. When I received my cliphanger, I was so glad to find that it was pretty easy to attach it to my phone. Carrying a mobile phone has never been so easy since the time I started using cliphanger. What’s amazing that this great mobile accessory can be used on a cell phone, as well as on other devices like iPhones. My sister saw the cliphanger on my cell phone and now she wants one too.

Cliphanger colors

I searched around for some coupons and found 1 coupon for cliphanger that can save 15% on it, just need to make sure to enter the coupon code PARADE at CLIPHANGER CHECKOUT page. The best part is that you can also customize your cliphanger with a personalized photo, be sure to check all options while ordering this mobile phone accessory. Remember, you can always save more on bulk orders if you are planning to buy more than just 1.

If you have already purchased this mobile accessory, share your views and reviews with the community by leaving a comment below. As far as I am concerned, I loved this mobile phone utility and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Buy the Cliphanger mobile accessory for your cell phone or for iphone now.

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