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by Dev Duff on June 29, 2011

Most of us have experienced virus or malware problems once in a while. When we are stuck in such a situation, we begin searching for the best online virus scan sites to run a free scan and understand what is wrong with the computer. In a critical situation, you need a solution quickly! You wouldn’t really love to search hundreds of sites to find the best free online virus scan service. Here is a list of the best free online virus scan sites that will not only dig out viruses but also sniff out spyware, malware or keyloggers. These websites have been tested by millions and have been proven to give wonderful results. If you are also looking for a free virus scan for your computer, browse through this list and choose the best online virus checker out of thousands of virus scan services.

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Free Online Virus Scan

Here is the list of the “best free online virus scanners” and free virus removal tools that can help you expose the type of virus/spyware present on your computer and to handle the situation.

BitDefender QuickScan

BitDefender offers one of the best antivirus security software. It is the best among top ten antivirus available. The BitDefender Online Virus Scan, known as the BitDefender QuickScan is an online tool which uses in-the-cloud scanning to detect malware running on a PC very fast, usually less than 60 seconds. QuickScan makes a list of digital fingerprints (or hashes) of the programs that are running and of other critical files. It then sends this list to the server. If the server doesn’t recognize a hash, it requests the file to be uploaded so it can be thoroughly analyzed. When the analysis is complete, the server returns a .clean. or .infected. verdict for every file in the list. Check your computer with the 1 minute BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan.

Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0

Kaspersky is one of the most popular security solution for home users and business users. When you are running through a critical solution and need to detect the infection which is already on your computer, Kaspersky may be really helpful. The first and foremost step to take when your computer is infected, is to understand the type of threat you have. Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0 can quickly scan your system files and detect the type of infection. Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0 starts from the web site of Kaspersky Lab and runs in a separate browser window. It downloads the Kaspersky Labs work files and anti-virus database to a temporary folder on your computer. Then the software uses the records from its anti-virus database to identify malicious objects during computer scan. You can run the Kaspersky Online Scanner 7.0 here.

ESET Free Online Scanner

You must have heard about the fastest antivirus of all times! ESET offers one of the best and the fastest antivirus and security solutions. Millions of home users and business users worldwide enjoy the benefits of the fastest and the securest solution from ESET, a leader in the computer security industry. The free ESET online virus scanner is equally fast and equipped with the technology which is necessary to detect infection on your computer quickly. Detect and remove malware on your PC with a powerful and user-friendly tool that uses the same ThreatSense┬« scanning technology and signatures as ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus – just by using your web browser. You can run the ESET free online virus scanner here.

Free Online File Scan

The above mentioned are free online virus scanners that will scan your computer and system files for malware. However, you can also scan individual files using the below mentioned services. Let’s say, you downloaded a file from the internet and you wish to make sure that the file does not contain any virus, spyware or malicious codes. These services can be really helpful in scanning that particular file:

VirusTotal free online file scanner

VirusTotal is one of the most popular free online file scanning service which is used by millions of computer users around the globe. I have been using the VirusTotal free service since years and have scanned many files to ensure they are virus-free. It uses 41 different scanning engines to scan a file and even if single engine rings up an alarm, you should use extreme care in opening such a file. I trust their service because they have zero advertisements on their website AND they do not ask you to buy anything. On top of that, they’ve received several awards for their wonderful free service. You can scan a file online at VirusTotal free online scanner and see if it is a legitimate file free from virus, spyware and other malicious codes. The maximum file size that you can upload is 20 MB.

Avast free online file scanner

Although not so popular, yet a helpful resource to check a file, whether it is clean or not. AVAST is majorly known for its free antivirus software and this is another free tool by Avast. Online virus scanner gives the possibility to check your files quickly and free of charge. I’ve tried searching on Google if this tool has any reviews, however, I was unable to find too many reviews of this service. The maximum file size you can upload is 16 MB. You can scan a file online at Avast free online file scanner here.

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From my personal (and limited) experience, I’d say that the Bitdefender Online Scan is the best choice.

However, while online scanners are great for lightweight infections, with viruses getting nastier these days, I’d really recommend that you use the free edition of Malwarebytes Anti Malware for removing infections. You’d have to download it but it really gets the job done like no other tool.

Just my 2 cents…

Cheers !


Scott Craighead

Malwarebytes And AVG works very well for me, always fixes it up most of the time. If not OS disc does it very well. lol – Scott Craighead


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