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by Dev Duff on October 9, 2009

Windows Vista Internet Security

Yesterday I tweaked my Windows Vista notebook computer because it was running very slow and the reason I found was the free internet security software that I uninstalled from my computer yesterday. I have been searching for the best internet security for Windows Vista since yesterday and have come up with some amazing information that can be helpful to all those computer users who have either Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. So, the quest begins with searching on Google for top internet security software for Windows Vista. There are over 15 well-known companies that offer award winning internet security software. Most of these companies are well-known in the computer software world and hold a great reputation. Their software has been used by millions of home users and business users, worldwide. This article will answer questions like:

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Which internet security software is best for Windows Vista?
Which internet security software is fast on Windows Vista?
Which internet security software uses the least system resources?
Which internet security software does not slow down your computer?
Which internet security software is good for a gaming Windows Vista computer?

Something to keep in mind, Windows Vista is a resource hogger. No matter, how much RAM you install. Doesn’t matter if your computer’s configuration is on the higher end. Vista makes the system look stunningly slow. If you think I may be wrong, install Windows XP and Windows Vista on two different computers that have 100% same configuration. You will find a huge difference in the performance of both computers. Ok, lets not get into the debate of how gorgeous Vista looks over XP or what sort of indexing advantage Vista has over XP. All that is useless to a computer user if the system takes 5 minutes to reach the desktop or runs so slow.

According to my research, the following internet security software are easy on resources of Windows Vista equipped computers. In simple language, these internet security software do not use too many system resources to protect your computer from virus, spyware, trojans and other forms of malware. These software are very light on the system resources but heavy on duty:

ESET Nod32 Internet Security

ESET internet security
(click on image to visit ESET website)

ESET specializes in programming the best security software since years. With years of experience in computer software industry, ESET has won many awards for their state of the art computer software. ESET Smart security 4 is the latest internet security software they offer. If you talk about Internet Security software comparison then certainly, ESET has a bright future. With their internet security software, you won’t get all those useless set of components and utilities that are an over-kill. They are precise, the package includes only the required components: Nod32 Antivirus, Nod32 Firewall, Smart Antispyware and the Antispam.
Price: $59.99 (1 PC)
Duration: 1 Year

PC Tools Internet Security

PC Tools internet security

PC Tools internet security was designed and programmed to meet the increasing demand of “fast computing”. When you are working on your computer or rendering graphics or even playing a computer game, the last thing on the earth you need is something interrupting you. PC Tools is specifically optimized to run smooth on Windows Vista computers without using heavy system resources. It is fast and doesn’t slow your PC like many other internet security software do. One excellent feature of PC Tools software is that it is designed while keeping in view the regular PC users. It is easy to setup and configure which makes it the best user friendly internet security software. PC Tools has won many awards for their fast internet security software and other computer security and maintenance software.
Price: $49.95 (3 PC)
Duration: 1 Year

These are two excellent internet security software for Windows Vista that go easy on the system resources. Now, if we compare ESET vs PC Tools, there are a few factors that we need to weigh before deciding which one to buy. I purchased ESET internet security for my computer and I’m happy with my decision. Why? Alright, first of all, I have researched enough to know which internet security software is better over the other. Secondly, ESET is majorly focused to security software rather than focusing on other “computer maintenance” software. PC Tools offers more than just the internet security, they offer a lot of other software components. Last but not the least, ESET has won a lot more awards than PC Tools.

Pricing Comparison

Lets face the truth, it is your information on your computer that matters the most. And of course, if I talk about my computer, I am very careful with my data on my computer. I don’t wish to lose my important data, songs and other stuff that I have collected over many years. This is the reason, I wish to stick with the BEST INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWARE.

Price Breakup: So I chose to pay $59.99 for ESET internet security software that will protect my computer for 1 year. Break it down to monthly, it comes down to $5 per month. Break it down even further to weekly, it comes down to $1.25 per week. Alright, my data, songs, documents and other stuff on my computer is way costly than those $1.25 per week. I’m sure, paying $1.25 for the best internet security that doesn’t slow down my Windows Vista notebook, is a kick-ass deal. Now it is your turn to weigh and judge what is right for your computer, be it Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

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Louis Nadeau

Very informative and appears credible.


Kanona Kepa

I have enough bills to pay every month, I was hoping to find a very good but very “FREE” security program to install… I guess i am going to stick with Microsoft, their program is free, however it doesn’t do everything I need sometimes…


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