Best Data Recovery Software 2011

by Dev Duff on February 28, 2011

I have been searching for the best data recovery software 2011 to recover some deleted data from my hard drive. I had a lot of files on my computer that I wanted to get rid off. So I started deleting the files one by one and deleted nearly 2000 files that I wasn’t using. I also deleted some folders from my computer that contained unused files. Today when I was looking for some of my important pictures that I stored on my computer years ago, I was stunned. I realized, I may have deleted my images/pictures accidentally. So I took my computer to a local technician to recover lost files. But I was stunned again when the local tech told me that it will cost me $800 to recover the files! Before I hand over my computer to the local tech, I thought of searching for some programs that I could use to recover deleted files on my hard drive. I found an excellent data recovery software that hardcore computer troubleshooters use to recover files.

Best Data Recovery Software 2011

While I was searching for data recovery software, I found some free programs to recover/undelete deleted files. But most programs were crap and couldn’t recover a lot of files that I deleted few months ago. Also, whenever I download a program from the internet, I upload it to website to make sure that the program does not have any virus, spyware or adware. Many of the free data recovery software had virus, spyware or adware. Finally I found a recent article written at W3Software about the best data recovery software that computer troubleshooters use to charge heaps of money to recover lost data.

The Power Undelete Wizard is an easy-to-use Windows based data recovery software that can recover lost or deleted files within 3 simple steps. I used the trial version to see if it really works and even the trial version helped me recover many of my images! Although the full software costs $299 but still it is worth buying the software. If I had taken my computer to the local tech, he would have charged me $800. So, I saved well over $500! Also, there is 25% discount ($75 off) on this amazing software! You can take advantage of this sale if you purchase it through the article on How to recover deleted Windows files?

Recovering Deleted Files

Recovering deleted files has never been so much fun. I have used so many different programs so far but none of them offers the “view file” option. The Power Undelete Wizard is the only software that allows you to view files before recovering them. Secondly, it recovers files with just 3 simple steps. Plus, you can apply filters to find a specific file-type. If you are looking for only document files with .doc extension, it allows you to apply the filter so that it scans the hard drive for deleted .doc files only. This saves time and you can recover only the files that you wish to recover. Also, if your hard drive is not working, there is a method mentioned at the article that can be really helpful in recovering data from damaged hard drives too. My personal experience with this software has been excellent, I recommend using this awesome tool to recover lost and deleted files from your hard drive. This program is for only Windows operating system (Windows 7, XP, 2000, NT, 2003 and Vista). This data recovery software is not for MAC computers.

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Thanks for sharing information about data recovery software for windows. Allow me add some information about Mac data recovery software so that viewer can get full information about the data recovery irrespective to OS:
Mac is designed so smartly to handle most of the issues but when comes data recovery on Mac I rely on Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery!It made data recovery possible in only three steps: 1. Select 2.Scan 3. Save.

However, I have not used Power Undelete Wizard yet but its looking worthy!!


Charles Moore

Yes, there are a lot of data recovery software available to recover deleted, formatted and lost data on Windows computer. Professional Windows data recovery software for you:

1. Tenorshare Data Recovery
Tenorshare Data Recovery runs fast and operates easily, especially suits users who are unfamiliar with computers. It not only support recovering data with Windows file system (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), but also Mac file system (HFS, HFS+) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3).RAID 0 and RAID 5 data recovery is available,too.With Tenorshare Data Recovery software, you will get back lost data on computer, camera, USB and other data storage facilities with ease.

2. Power Data Recovery
Power Data Recovery is easy-to-use and professional software to recover read-only files. It can recover data lost by common problems. For example, wrong delete files, format partition, system collapse, virus and so on. Power Data Recovery supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems.

3. Recover My Files
Recover My Files specializes in recovering text document, picture document, music and video files and zip compressed files. It supports following file formats: mpegpdf, pmd, png, ppt, pst, pub, rar, rtf, sdr, tar, txt, tiff, viso, wav, wmf, wpd, xls, zdp, zip, asf, avi, bmp, csv doc, dbx, dwg, gif, gzip, html, jpeg, mdb, mov and mp3. If your deleted files belong to this range, Recover my files will be a good choice.

4. Card Data Recovery For Windows
A powerful Windows photo recovery application that can recover deleted files, pictures, videos and music from external hard drive, memory card, USB, MP3,MP4 player etc.


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