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by Dev Duff on April 26, 2011

Living in this digital era is far different than living in the olden times. Life is way faster and way more competitive than what it used to be years ago. If you are not computer-literate the chances are, you will be left behind. Those who quickly adapt to the changes, will succeed. I see everyone talking about computers around me and the only language I hear and see is the “zeros and ones”! Although I’m computer-literate and I know what an average computer user knows but my knowledge is far too low than what it should be. So, I planned to learn, learn and learn. What could be a better way to stay updated about the computer world than computer magazines? If you are just like me and wish to get computer technology on your finger tips, you will find these best computer magazines very useful. Subscribe to one of the magazines mentioned below and keep your computer knowledge updated!

Best Computer Magazines

Best Computer magazine

PC World Magazine

Who doesn’t know about the popular and the best computer magazine, the PC World? Anyone who has even little interest in magazines, knows that PC World holds the title of being the “best computer magazine” in the computing world. PC World is the number one monthly PC publication. Each issue features award-winning articles, PC reviews and ranking, pricing guides, how-to instructional and technical advice. The lowest price we found is USD 19.97 for 12 issues in 1 year (this price may change without any notice, so hurry!)
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Best PC Magazine

Maximum PC Magazine

You may ask a question, which computer magazine is most popular among geeks? The answer: Maximum PC Magazine. It is an awesome magazine that every computer lover would love to read. It is power packed with the latest technology articles, information and facts. The lowest price for 12 issues we found is: USD 11.00 (This price may change without any notice, so hurry!)
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Best MAC magazine

MacLife Magazine

While Maximum PC Magazine may be for Windows lovers, for MAC users, MacLife magazine is the best way to stay updated of the latest and the greatest in the MAC world. Apple’s MAC computer is gaining a lot of popularity. Discover why more and more people are buying the MAC computer. What are the advantages of MAC over Windows based computers? How to use a MAC computer? Know the tips and tricks that may be handy while using a MAC. The MacLife magazine brings you loads of information from the MAC world. The lowest price of this magazine (12 issues) we found is: USD 14.95 (This price may change without any notice, so hurry!)
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Best MAC world magazine

Macworld Magazine

Just like the MacLife magazine, another great title is the MACworld magazine! This magazine is editorially aimed at the Macintosh owner and user. It contains information on Macintosh software for education, recreation and home and business productivity. As well, it reviews state-of-the-art commercial software. The price of
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Best technology magazine

Wired Magazine

If knowing about computers only is not enough in your world, get wired with the Wired Magazine that gives you the latest and the best information about modern day technology, gadgets, games, software, and computer industry news. The lowest price we found is USD 11.99 for 12 issues.
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Best online gaming magazine

Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine

Online gaming is fun and for some it is more than just gaming, it is killer hobby and a way of life. Know which online games are rocking this planet, understand the system requirements of the latest games, know the latest hardware that can give you en edge over other players. All of this at this lowest price of $24.99 for 6 issues in 1 year.
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Best selling PC games magazine

PC Gamer

PC Gamer is one of the best selling and most popular gaming PC magazine! What is happening in the world of PC games? Which games are the best? Which games are the best for online gaming? If you are a gaming freak, you will definitely love this magazine. Anyone who loves gaming over a PC, knows the importance of knowing the secrets of beating the competition. This magazine brings you the latest tips, tricks and facts about the top PC games. The lowest price for 12 issues we found is USD 14.95 (this price is subject to change without notice, so hurry!)
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Powerful computer magazine

Computer Power User

CPU is a new, innovative publication written especially for computer power users, from IT professionals to at-home technology extremists. CPU delivers a functional mix of high-tech news, hard-edged reviews and performance enhancing tips. The lowest price we found is USD 38.50 for 12 issues.
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Top Computer Magazines

These are the best computer magazines as per my research. I read a lot of great reviews about these magazines. Computer pro users recommend these magazines. If you know of any other “top computer magazines” at low prices, please share that info with our readers. If you found the above mentioned magazines good, please share this article with your friends. We would love to read your views on the computer magazines mentioned above, take some time and leave your review by using the comment form below.

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vci classifieds

Used to read PC Gamer growing up. Now I personally am into wired. It helps to keep up in the tech industry.



I’ve been a subscriber of PC World for a long time. Another way I keep up with the technology is to go to sites that sell computer parts. Such as tiger direct. They are always on top of the newest technology. Cool article …thanks.



Though I still get Macworld delivered to my house, I will probably cancel the subscription after this year. Most of the info in mags today is out of date by the time they hit the press, and you can read almost all the articles, without the ads, online.


essays service

My fav is PC Gamer. Basically, I choose what to buy and what to play after I read their reviews. Thanks for the nice article.



I definitely like: PC World and Wired Magazines


Freight Audit

PC gamer is the best magazine for video game players.


Frances P. Ayotte

Like Kev, I am subscribed to PC world for 2 years and use the magazine for reference. Since I am in the I.T . industry, I need to be up to date with the trend. Plus point on me drooling on the new products available LOL. Nice Compilation on the magazines!


Ram Kaletha

Nice Information,PC gamer is the best magazine for video game players,thanks.


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