Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn-Dusk Simulator

by Dev Duff on May 16, 2009

Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn-Dusk Simulator

The Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator is a totally new approach to begin your day. Waking up with a sudden jolt of noise from alarm clocks may cause a medical condition called “sleep latency” that makes it hard to get out of bed in mornings. The study shows that effects of sleep latency can last whole day long, whereas, the Apollo Health Daybreak simulator helps your body wake up the natural way.

How Apollo Health DayBreak Simulator works?

Our bodies are highly responsive to light/dark signals and have the ability to know when to go to sleep or when to wake up. What an alarm clock does it interrupt your sleep with a jolt of noise. This creates a sudden disturbance to you when you are in the final stages of your sleep, whereas, the Apollo Health Daybreak does it all naturally. You can set your wake time to 6:00 am and you can set the DayBreak device anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Apollo Health Daybreak Simulator

Your DayBreak device will start functioning accordingly. If you set the device to start functioning 30 minutes before your wake time, it will switch-on the lamp and gradually will keep increasing the light until it is 6:00 am. Just like a regular sunny day. Your body will respond to the light and will keep sending signals to your brain to wake up. You wake up at your own will. You never feel that your sleep was disturbed, instead, you will feel you slept well. You will be carrying the same freshness with you for the rest of the day.

Our bodies are different from the digital life we live in. You can’t really expect to go to sleep as soon as you switch-off the lights. Sometimes, it may take up to 30 minutes after switching off the lights. Do this may affect your body in the longer run as you start developing the feeling of sleeplessness. The DayBreak device works naturally and goes easy on your body. When you set your DayBreak device, according to the time set, it will start decreasing the amount of light, just like a regular sunset simulation. The decreasing light sends signals to your body that it is time to sleep and your body responds very well to the stimulation.

The Apolo Health DayBreak Simulator is used by thousands and has helped in avoiding medical conditions such as “sleep latency” and sleeplessness. You can purchase your Apolo Health DayBreak Simulator at Amazon at a discount price by clicking here.

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Little Louis

WOW. Thats some must have equipment for me lol. I think, it is true that wake up alarms aint that good as they disturb you a lot in the morning. And sometimes I feel like picking up the alarm clock and throw it out of the window. This Daybreak thing seems to be good. Will buy this and will post my views soon.



Ask me what I like to do when my Alarm rings early morning. Even if I hide it before sleeping, I find it even with my eyes closed and turn it off. Back to sleep! Only when the sunlight enters my room, I realize, OH SHIT! I’m late for work again! lol
I might try this gadget since my body catches the sun-light signal and never had problem waking up because of too much light in my room. I think this will be a better solution for me. Ok Bye Bye alarm clock :D


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