AmberAlert GPS Child Locator Review

by Dev Duff on October 19, 2012

You must have read about the popular AmberAlert GPS child locator device which gained lots of popularity worldwide. It is an amazing device that can be used to keep a track of your little one so that you can monitor his/her activities and keep him safe. Amber Alert GPS, a world leader in child tracking and family safety, has developed the ultimate child safety device.

Amber Alert GPSRecently, Amber Alert GPS released an enhanced version of their child tracking device. They introduced a new device design a couple of months ago and it is super fantastic! Battery life has gone from 13-18 hours on a charge to a full 48 hours before you need to recharge it. This is a huge breakthrough and there is a very positive response from people around the globe. The new device also has a very competent 2-way voice feature. They had to scrap that feature on the previous version because it never quite worked as hoped. Well, the new device has a phenomenal 2-way voice feature turning the device into a type of phone to communicate with your little ones.

The Amber Alert GPS V3 comes equipped with an SOS button. If your child needs help they are only a button away. With the use of our “mom-friendly” tracking portal, you can set zones around your home, school, or anywhere you like and receive alerts when they enter or exit a zone. You can also check the history of the device to see where it’s been.

This is an amazing product and a must have technology gadget which will keep you alert of your child’s activities. This is a must-have technology equipment for parents to keep their young ones safe.

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dona david

thanks to share the GPS Child Locator,informative and also helpful.



Thank you so much for having me on the lesson. Great idea with this lesson. When i know that you appreciate my comments, it makes me wanna comment so much more. So thank you



The knowledge you are providing is really very helpful to me and its very helpful for the beginners too.The points you made is very informative which is very full of knowledge. I really appropriate it.


Karan Kathuria

Whats the price ?



very helpful to me and its very helpful for the beginners too


Anurag Jain

Thanks for sharing…. but what is the price of this Device????



Very nice device! I would like to get one of these. Where can i get them?


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