Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless Electronic Reader

by Dev Duff on May 4, 2009

Amazon Kindle 2 Reader

Amazon launched their amazing Kindle Reader – A Wireless Reading Device, last year. As soon as it was launched, it got a lot of popularity among readers. With a huge success, Amazon launched the Amazon Kindle 2 Reader a couple of months ago. I have been waiting to get my hands on it and then write about it. To my delight, when I first used the device, I fell in love with it. The Kindle 2 is power packed with much more options than the Kindle 1. Without getting into detailed comparison of Kindle 1 vs Kindle 2, lets talk about why Kindle 2 will be one of the most successful wireless readers.

First of all, the Kindle 2 is priced at the same price of Kindle 1. Amazon did not increase the price of Kindle 2, which is remarkable and people can buy the Kindle 2 within the same affordable price. Priced at $359.00, Kindle 2 is a great wireless gadget that you would love to carry with you on the go.

The Kindle 2 can be carried easily anywhere you go, it is slim, light weight and handy. It is 1/3 of an inch, as thin as a pencil and it weighs just 10.2 ounces. Talking in grams, the weight of Kindle 2 is merely 289.16 grams. You can save almost 1500 books and can transfer electronic books with the 3G wireless technology. You don’t even need a PC to transfer books to your Kindle 2. Amazon has a vast selection of 275,000 electronic books in the Kindle 2 store.

The battery life of Kindle 2 is amazing and you can read electronic books for 4 days without recharging. Since you read electronic books, the battery consumption of this gadget is very low. The display is awesome and you will feel like reading a book. Think about carrying 1500 books with you, almost impossible. However, with this gadget in your pocket, you will never run out of books. The next best thing is that it will also read book for you, the new text-to-speech feature reads out the entire book for you while you relax and listen to it.

With its remarkable features, capacity to hold so many books, text-to-speech feature and long lasting battery, it would be fair to call it the “Best electronic gadget of the year 2009”. Of course, it is my opinion. To really feel the power of this electronic gadget, you have to own it. You can buy the Kindle 2 priced at $359.00 at Amazon.

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