Which is the Best PHP Forum Software of 2016?

by Dev Duff on October 28, 2016

Anyone who wishes to setup a online community, runs into this question. Although there are many free open-source forum software available online but if you are serious about the success of your community, things become totally different. You instantly know that you need the one which is fully-loaded with all the modern day features, options and kinks.

Among the free ones are phpBB, SMF, myBB, Vanilla, BuddyPress, etc and the list goes on. However, if your question is, “Which is the best PHP Forum Software of 2016?”, then nothing matches the array of features, ease of use and search engine penetration that vBulletin forum software offers.

As to answer the question, the best forum software is the one that has an active community of developers and contributors. I have looked at many otherĀ  forum software like the XenForo, iPB, etc but the problem with most premium forum software is that there is no active community of developers, testers and contributors. vBulletin has always stayed at the front of the queue because of it’s vast and ever-growing community of developers, contributors and moderators.

vBulletin Forum Software

vBulletin Forum Software

Website: www.vBulletin.org

There’s a lot more than just the forum software. Themes, add-ons, SEO features, responsive for mobile devices, clear coding, ease of customization, spam control, security and many other aspects that help an admin setup the forum and be successful online. All of these are available in the vBulletin forum software. And, it is PHP based which makes it much easier because PHP is still easier than ASP in my opinion.

“Customization” is something that a lot of admins want in their forum software. For eg., you may like to setup a portal instead of just the forum. A portal allows you to add pages, display useful information right on the homepage rather than just the forum categories. With other community software, I had to deal with a lot of problems when it came to customization. However, with vBulletin, customizing styles and themes is very easy. Also, in case you upgrade the forum software to latest version, your customizations are not over-written. You still have a backup copy which is created automatically by the vBulletin engine. This feature is extremely helpful in recreating customizations when the forum software is upgraded.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a major aspect of your web presence. Without good SEO, you may not get the success you are seeking. vBulletin forum software is equipped with inbuilt SEO features that help you take ranks on the search results on major search engines. The software also features inbuilt tools to keep your forum users engaged in conversations that again help make your SEO better.

vBulletin vs XenForo vs iPB

vBulletin vs Xenforo vs iPB Comparison

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