Top Ten Antivirus 2012

by Dev Duff on March 11, 2011

Antivirus software companies are working round the clock to improve their software to combat with virus and malicious codes over the internet. It is about time when antivirus firms are about to roll out their latest 2012 version of antivirus software. We are already testing the beta software to come up with our latest article on top ten antivirus 2012 so that you can install the best software and protect your computer. Since the numbers of viruses and malicious codes is increasing with a high pace, we will be testing all the leading antivirus and internet security programs aggressively to come up with our list of the top 10 antivirus software. In our top ten antivirus 2012 review we will be showing the test results of 20 different security software. By mid of 2011, most security software providers will launch their 2012 version of antivirus and security software. These are the antivirus programs we have short-listed for our review.

Top Ten Antivirus 2012

Here is the list of the best antivirus and security software of all times. Among the top are BitDefender, Vipre, Norton, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky, TrendMicro, AVG, Avira, Zonealarm, Panda security and more. We will be running comparisons between different versions of the same security software, for eg., 2011 version vs 2012 version. We will be also comparing between the capabilities of different security software, for eg., BitDefender vs Norton. Based on the performance of various different antivirus security software, we will give them scoring. The factors on which we will score antivirus software: Speed, stealth, detection, link scanning, removing virus, updates, blocking bad websites, blocking phishing attempts, technical support and lots more factors. These are the antivirus programs we will be testing to come up with our top ten antivirus list:

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Top Ten Antivirus 2012

  1. BitDefender Antivirus 2012
  2. Norton Antivirus 2012
  3. Perfect Antivirus 2012
  4. Vipre Antivirus 2012
  5. ESET Antivirus 2012
  6. Kaspersky Antivirus 2012
  7. F-Secure Antivirus 2012
  8. TrendMicro Antivirus 2012
  9. ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2012
  10. Panda Antivirus 2012

Other Antivirus Programs

  1. McAfee Antivirus 2012
  2. Avira Antivirus 2012
  3. Avast Antivirus 2012
  4. Avanquest Antivirus 2012
  5. G Data Antivirus 2012
  6. Webroot Antivirus 2012
  7. PC Tools Antivirus 2012
  8. Comodo Antivirus 2012
  9. CA Antivirus 2012
  10. Norman Antivirus 2012
  11. AVG Antivirus 2012
  12. Sophos Endpoint Security 2012
  13. Quick Heal Antivirus 2012
  14. Microsoft Security Essentials 2012

Top Ten Antivirus Ratings

Most of these antivirus software have been tested extensively for their performance. The old versions have received ratings based on the performance to quickly detect viruses from infected systems and stop new viruses from infecting the computers. There is a very strong criteria that will be used to provide points to various antivirus software 2012. Another interesting factor that we are considering is the antivirus coupons, we will give scores to antivirus software companies that offer discount coupons from time to time. Although this is not a major factor, but many users value coupons because it is a good way to save money on security software. Although this factor will not inflate the original ratings, we are including it only to help people save money. These are the factors that will contribute to the scoring:

  • Speed: When it comes to computing, speed is an important aspect that we can’t neglect. It has been reported that some antivirus software are much slower in comparison to other antivirus software. Which means, some antivirus programs slow down a computer. Computer users (specially gamers) like using antivirus software that does not degrade the performance of a computer system. They enjoy using the fastest antivirus software.
  • Stealth: Many viruses and spyware are designed to deactivate antivirus programs so that they are not detected. Antivirus software should quickly detect such a threat and stop the virus from harming the system files. Those antivirus software will receive higher score that can not only defend against known viruses but also protect a computer system from new and unknown virus and spyware.
  • Detection: A good antivirus program will quickly detect infection and will take the necessary steps to quarantine the infected files in order to stop the virus from spreading to other system files. Only if security software has the capabilities of detecting infection, it can stop a virus/spyware. So this is a major aspect of security software. Many poorly designed security software cannot detect all forms of threat. However, only those antivirus software will be included in our top ten antivirus 2012 list that are capable of detecting all sorts of threats.
  • Technical Support: We will also provide scores depending upon the type of technical support and customer service provided by the antivirus software manufacturer. Only those programs will receive higher ratings that are bundled with quality support. We will also count on the type of support available: phone, chat, email, etc. When your computer system is infected with virus, spyware or other forms of malware, you need quick assistance. That’s when you need to contact someone who is technically equipped to assist you. Based on the quality of technical support, scores will be provided to various security software and hence will win a rank in our top ten antivirus 2012 list.
  • Price: Antivirus software should not be too costly, it should be reasonably priced. We will be comparing the price of antivirus software and will be providing scores based upon how cheap is the antivirus software. The cheapest and the best antivirus 2012 will receive higher rankings. People love saving money, so the cheapest antivirus software will receive higher scores.

These are some of the major factors we will be using to rate the best antivirus software of 2012. We will also include other factors like real-time scanning, frequency of updates, blocking phishing attempts, link scanning, IM protection, parental lock and lots more factors. However, we will majorly focus on the 5 key-points mentioned above. Based on these factors, we will provide our lab test reports that will show you which antivirus software is best for your computer in the year 2012. Most antivirus manufacturers will release their 2012 antivirus software sometime in May or June this year. If you have any questions or suggestions about this report of top ten antivirus 2012, please leave your review below by leaving a comment.

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ben abdeslam

I tried many antivirus such as, Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee, Norton, Eset, Nod32, Avira and Bitdefender. So far, AVIRA premium is the best for me. Fast, hi level security and gamer friendly!


Stefan Albrecht

I read some tests (published on where BitDefender won most of the tests since 2011.
I bought it and I remained deluded, as it changed Icons on my operating system (WINDOWS 7) without any advise. That didn’t make a good impression on me. Further, on a PC with WINDOWS XP (I had bought licences for 3 PCs) this one slowed down very much respect to before with MS Security Essentials, even if av-test told that it was the most performing antivirus.
So I asked to undo my order what the guys from Bitdefender did, thank god.
I had never problems with Security Essentials and I also didn’t discover any hidden virus, when I substituted Security Essentials temporarely with Bitdefender.
For me Security Essentials works well enough, also because of the fact, that I respect the recommendations of the experts (view also which more or less indicate that once taken a virus it is better to reinstall everything and to avoid to get them it is better to check e – mail attachments before opening them.



bitdefender is the best antivirus in the world i test them they delet all virus



I have used Bitdefender this year and have been very happy with it! Didn’t encounter a single problem with our computer that our kids use for gaming, browsing the net, etc. Hence, I renewed my subscription for the new software. Yup! It’s the best! Thank you Bit Defender!



Hey, guys. I’m a Computer Technician. Everybody needs antivirus and internet security protection. I have already used/tried all the antivirus software available. Earlier I used to go for Norton antivirus. But I observed that it requires a lot of RAM for scanning, which makes a computer slow. Then I tried Bitdefender antivirus software. It is really great guys. I have been using it since last 3 years now, its really great. It’s up to you guys which antivirus is BEST. If I were you, I would personally try to test some antivirus and get the very BEST. But as per my tests, BitDefender is the number 1 antivirus program!



Webroot SecureAnywhere is The fastest, lightest, least disruptive protection you can buy for your PC
in my opinion # 1 webroot #2 Norton #3 kaspersky #4 bitdefender



I had kaspersky when my computer went down. After having it repaired I purchased Webroot and Systems mechanic and run them together, my computer has done well from that point on.


Anti Virus user

Well,I think best anti virus software is ESET smart security 5 and kaspersky most dectection anti virus software!



I think Linux is best, it doesn’t need an anti-virus package.



There are so many antivirus programs which are giving better result now a days. personally i use Comodo Antivirus and i am fully satisfied with them.


McKinley Morganfield

I tried all the different AV products on the market, yet my PC would still get infected on a regular basis. Eventually, out of frustration, I decided to stop downloading porn and warez. I performed a clean install without any anti-virus software apart from that which came with the OS. I haven’t had a single virus for over 5 years.

Oh, the callouses on my hand also went away and my PC stopped randomly crashing with a BSOD.



I am using Kaspersky for past few years and never got infected with virus. (it was always caught before entering the system)
I have used Norton, Macfee, F-Secure and TrendMicro but all got infected (yes antivirus got infected) and I have to bin them.
Data loss due to virus costs me lot more then buying new antivirus.

So for me Kaspersky is the best yet.



Used ESET at work, several thousand staff, fantastic. Very light, works in the background, updates itself. Liked it so much, bought it recently for home. Highly recommend it.

Have used AVG free at home for 5 years and it does the job, but few years ago it detected virii but couldn’t clean it. Reinstalled Windows. But free is free and it works.

McAfee used in previous job , 400 machines, awful product. Memory hungry and slowed everything down. Let virus in one few occasions.

Norton used as a trial a few years ago at home, it took over my PC, resource hungry, so uninstalled.

Conclusion: ESET the best, then AVG free , that’s my opinion.

Tom, London



hi guys..
Well !! i am a ethical hacker by trade and had been researching antiviruses programs from a quite few is a list of best antivirus program i would recommend.

i) Paid Antivirus
1. ESET (most recommended)
2. Bit Defender
3. Kaspersky

ii) Free Antivirus
(if you are out of cash with your hand empty along with wallet)
1. Microsoft Security Essential (most recommended)
2. You will find many !!

In addition i would recommend you all to install a program “Browser Protect” along with an antivirus..browser protect is free go for it google it..



Billy, I am a computer technician at a major electronics retail outlet. I have multiple licenses with certifications and I would like to let you know Norton does not sleep on the job. Out of all the virus removals and repairs I did Norton was actually the product I would recommend to customers because of their easy 20-30 minute real time virus protection, no system resource hog, internet security, and the price for three licenses is competitive to the ones you see out there selling for just one license. They also have excellent customer support with online live advisors with telephone support for many countries. I know for a fact that when I do a virus removal and install the newest 2012 V 6.0 Norton that they’re in good hands and I won’t see them again until their protection runs out. Consumers want a virus protection that’s good with scans, protect them from identity theft, early pre-threat warnings, malware protection, and most of all they want a customer service line that exists. Even though Norton doesn’t have the #1 scan and detection removal on the chart, they’re well rounded in everything else which in my book leads to the #1 virus protection on the market.
And another food for thought, Kaspersky doesn’t run well on a Pentium 4 with 512MB DDR ram, which in my book Norton also wins the fastest antivirus on the market that doesn’t hog your system resources.
OH, what do I use if anyone else is wondering? For my personal use it’s ESET. I’ve been using them for many years with no problems, I now they’re not the best but I don’t get viruses since I maintain and remove them myself if it does happen.
For the business we use trend micro, but for everything else we use Norton for backup, networked storage, and for ghosting.



This is the TOP ;(Shareware) 1. ESET Smart Security 5
2. Avira Premium
3. Bitdefender
4. Norton
(Freeware) 1. Avira Personal
2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
3. AVG
4. Avast!

(my experience: 10 years of tests and personal reviews)



when you have a good antivirus not think it has to be a paid service, I use Free AntivirusZenOK and keeps my computer safe from viruses and malwares the particularity of this is that it is too fast to detect threats


Tee Cee Samte




Hey, guys.
I have 11 years of pc using.
And 2 years of dynamic and full corporative antivirus usage as a system administrator.

I’ ve used:

all main kinds of Kaspersky for home and office (except for 2-3 newest alternative softs like kaspersky crystal etc)
Dr. Web
Norton IS

I am telling you that all this years from the beginning – the best one was always Kaspersky. Yes, there were times when KAV was too hungry for RAM, but now it works OK.

It always cleaned fully all systems I manage.
When other AV were damaged buy strong viruses – Kaspersky could defend himself and kick em all.

Although, in latest firewall testings the firewall of KIS 2012 is found to be weak on 64-bit systems – It is known that KIS2013 would be solid and great.

I although can recommend you Avast and AVG (as free ones), for virus finding i prefer AVG, for usability and speed – Avast.

So, now, at this current moment I can recommend you to use the following system (for windows users):

1) Use Windows 7 SP1 + all security updates
2) For advanced users: Stop weak and unnecessary services and close dangerous ports (tcp135 etc) if you do not need NetBios.
3) Install Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 with all updates (or latest avast/avg)
4) Install free firewall – Comodo Firewall (latest) – it’s considered to be the best one by now.
5) Profit.

p.s. i didn’t use bitdefender and nod. but i had issues when nod couldn’t find viruses, but kaspersky did. i don’t like panda and avira and mcafee. i believe in kaspersky. IMHO.



my internet is sluggish and has issues updating antivirus software(only rare times is the internet good to me to download updates smoothly).., is zonealarm pro good enough or is there a better one?


Dev Duff

BitDefender is the best in my opinion but Zonealarm is good too.


Wayne Johnson

I have used Norton AV and 360 and both were system hogs when it came to slowing down the computers ability to process operations. I experienced my computer locking up when running other programs like Word and other Office programs that need a lot of RAM when you are doing complex documents. I also use computer aided design software which requires a great deal of processor resources when the program is running and Norton caused problems with that program as well.

I switched over to ESET NOD 32 after Norton allowed a virus to infiltrate the comuter and would not remove the file. After contacting Norton tech support and finding out that to get rid of the virus file they would need to access my computer remotely so a technician could manually remove the virus and it would cost me an additional $99 for their services I decided that Norton was junk. I decided to download the ESET 30 day free trial to see what it would do. After the install it not removed the virus that Norton was alerting me about, it also found six other files Norton did not even know existed on my computer and eliminated them as well.

Bang for the buck my vote goes hands down to ESET NOD 32 because since changing over to it five years ago I have not had one problem with viruses infiltrating my machine and the performance in terms of the computer processes with ESET running in the background is exceptionally good. Not to mention that renewing it for two years only costs me $16 per computer for a total of $48 on three machines.

It is a great product at a great price.



Bitdefender… No. 1!! it works smoothly in my PC and laptop.. unlike some antiviruses which slows down my comp.
Kaspersky is also good.. but I stopped using it when it became a reason why my computer didn’t start up well.. (^___^)



i m using avast antivirus .


amely hopes

kaspersky anti virus as well as Internet security are the best option in cheap price and a subtle performance



I have over 700 residential customers and 42 business in the Kansas City area. (from St. Joseph, Topeka, Belton Harrisonville, Richmond, other surrounding towns). I have tried them all and the best has been hands down Kaspersky with malwarebytes or superantispyware or hitmanpro as a secondary check. With giving customers advice on what on what to avoid and advicing customers of current threats but irus Kaspersky does the job. I do not believe in bells and whistles or other things they offer from others, I just want it to catch the virus.


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