Tabbles Business and Tabbles Corporate Review

by Dev Duff on March 21, 2012

A tabble is tag that behaves like a virtual folder which can be used to categorize your files, folders or internet addresses by cross-referencing them. Tabbles, software by Yellow blue soft UAB is a document management & file social file-tagging software.

Tabbles Business

Tabbles Business 20% OffTabbles Business is an ultimate solution for data management and a perfect tool for a professional who wants to categorize all his files, documents and internet addresses by cross referencing them all to one or many tables according to the user’s need. A tabble is regarded as a visual tag which also behaves as a virtual folder or sometimes as a container. Categorization of files and folders can be done simply by usual functions of internet explorer like copy and paste, drag and drop and also by using buttons of tabble’s. Likewise tagging becomes ultra fast and usually automatic. With the help of Tabbles Business one can have his files tagged according to the structure of files or by using the Regular Expressions. Latter way eliminates the work load and automatizes tagging.

Cross referencing is related with having a same file in two folders at the same time without forming its duplicate copy. Using Tabbles Business one can link the files, they are related to, and can also rearrange the categorization quickly, easily and at any point of time. There are times when according to the growth of business one need to rearrange the files further which can be easily achieved using the dynamicity and speed of Tabbles Business.

Tabbles Business is a desktop application which is perfected integrated in the Windows environment. The operating systems that support this wonderful application are Microsoft windows XP/ Vista and Windows 7. It also requires 1 GB of RAM and .net framework 4 for smooth and swift functioning. One can download its trial version for free from the web or can buy one year license for $69 only. One license can be used by single user on three computers. Tabbles Business is serverless and thus does not require any database server. It works on LAN and in Cloud both and involves zero configuration which means permission is based on shared folders permission. Along with the software you also get training videos, lively forum and manual in ES, EN and DE inside the package.

Like its other counterpart products like Tabbles Corporate, Tabbles Home etc. Tabbles Business also organizes the bedlam of the shared and local drives and also in the Cloud. With this software by your side, you can tag your files with great speed and get your tagging synchronized on up to three computers without any server. For the above reasons, Tabbles Business is one of the most popularly used software in this industry. At, it has got five on five rating by the average viewers. has also regarded it as Editor’s pick and has given it five cows remarkable rating.

Tabbles Business is an apt application for managing the files, documents and other data on the hard disk. There are many professionals who keep this tool handy for tagging and sharing their data while working on a project. It is simple to understand and very convenient to use generating results quickly and at any point of time.

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Tabbles Corporate

Tabbles Corporate 20% OffIs organizing files at home or at office a pain in your neck? Are you looking for an easy way to use your documents for several projects without forming their several copies? There is one such software that comes in handy in such situations. Tabbles Corporate is a data management and collaboration solution that enables the users to tag their files and documents socially and share their tags in the Cloud or on LAN. Tabbles Corporate offers a complete new way to categorize, sort, share and find your documents within no time. This is done with the help of a tag or a virtual folder known as tabble. A tabble is a particular container that one can use in order to categorize file and documents of any kind as well as bookmarks and folders. With Tabbles Corporate you can sort your docs not only by year but also by customer name, project types etc. Simply click on the tabble that describe the group and sorted files well and get started.

Even if you are the most organized person, it is impossible for you to remember your files location on the drive every time. But if you have Tabbles Corporate by your side, you can easily find bookmarks and files by using combine function and simply describing them. This dynamic product helps in organizing the disarray of files and folders on the local as well as shared drives. It also helps in avoiding any sort of duplication of files and enables the users to socially tag and browse over the tags of one another. With the help of Tabbles Corporate you need not form multiple copies of your files or documents for using them for different projects etc. This helps in avoiding redundant documents, inconsistencies and duplicates, eliminating the need for cleaning up the hard disk drive again and again and creating less mess on it. Tabbles Corporate performs serverless and works locally on both, PowerFolders and LAN.

Five PC license of Tabbles Corporate is available at around 4200 Euros with is valid for one year with all minor and major updates related to the software. It is well supported by Windows as operating system and need the .net framework 4 for its proper functioning. Other extensive material that accompanies this package includes manual in EN, ES, DE, training video and lively forum. Not only this, Tabbles Corporate also comes with a worry free 20 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the services offered by the software you can easily claim for your complete money.

On, Tabbles Corporate is rating as outstanding software with five on five rating. has also regarded this software as editor’s pick and awarded four stars out of five. Tabbles Corporate is certified to be safe and 100% clean from threats like viruses, malwares etc. and is also easy to install. Whether you are a professional working over an individual project or working in a team, Tabbles Corporate is the right tool for you to tag and sort your entire files and documents with speed and efficiency.

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I can easily find bookmarks and files by using combine function and simply describing them


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