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by Dev Duff on April 5, 2011

When time and productivity are at stake in a business environment, you need a solution quickly. Symantec has just launched the new Symantec System Recovery which helps you get your computers and servers up and running in no time. Symantec is a leader in providing system security and system recovery products since years. They carry the maximum number of awards under their belt in comparison to other recovery software providers. With this new product in their wide range of business security solutions, they are the number 1 business security solution provider. “Symantec System Recovery” delivers fast and reliable system recovery to help you meet recovery time objectives with confidence. Find out below what this all new Symantec business product has to offer to businesses and enterprises.

Symantec System Recovery

Best system recovery software with coupons
You must have heard of the popular Backup Exec System Recovery software from Symantec for businesses and enterprises. Imagine in a business environment where time and productivity are your major priority, you can’t wait for a technician to arrive and fix the problems for you. Symantec System Recovery (formerly known as Backup Exec System Recovery) saves loads of time and helps you get your systems up and running to perform in no time. This amazing software captures a recovery point of the entire system–including the operating system, applications, system settings, configurations, and files – without impacting user productivity. Whenever your computer is running through a critical situation like system files missing, system files corrupt or any other virus/spyware issues, you can completely recover the system and bring your computer back and use it without losing your previously saved data. Here are a few features to look at:

  1. Fast, automated system recovery
  2. Enhanced virtual conversion capabilities
  3. Advanced backup scheduling
  4. Scalable centralized management

Symantec System Recovery Editions

Symantec System Recovery is available in 5 different Editions:

  1. Symantec System Recovery Server Edition: Quickly restore physical and virtual systems in minutes, even to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, remote locations, or virtual environments. Read more or buy
  2. Symantec System Recovery Small Business Server Edition: Symantec System Recovery 2011 Small Business Server Edition delivers fast and reliable system recovery to help you minimize downtime and meet recovery time objectives with confidence. Read more or buy
  3. Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition: Quickly restore Windows desktops/laptops in minutes with the Symantec system recovery desktop edition software. Read more or buy
  4. Symantec System Recovery Linux Edition: Quickly restore Linux volumes, partitions or complete Linux servers in minutes, not hours or days. Read more or buy
  5. Symantec System Recovery Virtual Edition: Quickly restore virtual systems and avoid unnecessary downtime with this amazing system recovery software. Read more or buy

Symantec System Recovery Coupons

If you are looking for the best system recovery software of 2011, Symantec is the best option. With the best recovery software installed on your computer, you have one thing less to worry about. You can now save 10% on Symantec System Recovery, PGP Whole Disk Encryption, and all other products in Business Store with code SYM10Aff at checkout! This coupon is good until May 31st, 2011. You have plenty of time to decide which software is the best for your business. Businesses and enterprises pay millions in critical situations, this system recovery software will help you reduce your costs and help you get your systems up and running in the least possible time.

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The new Symantec System Recovery program looks pretty awesome. It has some great features and it comes in various editions. However before buying it i would like to check out some reviews to see if this software application is worth the investment.


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