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by Dev Duff on July 15, 2010

Windows 7 is by far the best Windows Operating system so far, in my opinion. I earlier wrote the Windows 7 review to highlight what I found good about the new operating system. Lately I noticed that the sidebar widget in Windows 7 does not have one cool gadget that I really loved in Windows Vista. The Notepad gadget in Vista is now known as sticky notes application in Windows 7. But hey, I can’t find the app, where is it? Where is the sticky notes sidebar gadget in Windows 7 operating system?

Sticky NotesFirst of all, the notepad gadget is no longer a gadget in Windows 7, it is a separate application just like Notepad, Wordpad, etc. You can find the sticky notes application here:

START > All Programs > Accessories > Sticky Notes

I’m sure, by now you must be looking in your “Accessories folder” and searching for that cool sticky notes app. If you still can’t find it and are getting mad about it just like me, cool down! First of all, you need to find out what operating system do you have? If you have Windows 7 Home Basic, you can just forget about this application. Oh yes sir, Microsoft has been really kind to exclude the sticky notes application from the Home Basic version of Win 7. It is available only with these versions of the operating system:

  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise
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Now the question, why Microsoft did not include this little wonderful app in Home Basic? The answer is, I don’t know! By the way, when I was trying to find out if I could download this app from Microsoft website, I got their “Survey” pop-up which I gladly filled in. Hope someone reading that survey understands that there are customers who may get pissed off just because they didn’t get this wonderful app. I paid good money on this operating system and later I figured out that this app wasn’t included in the OS. Isn’t that amazing! The next best thing is that you can’t download this app from Microsoft website.

Microsoft, if you wish to be so biased to your Windows 7 Home Basic customers, why don’t you make the “sticky notes app” available at charge? Go ahead, charge me money and let me have this application. But no, you just wish to piss off your customers. Of course, I’m pissed!

Well, here is what I have to say to you Microsoft. This is the last time I’m purchasing ANY of your products. I’m no longer interested in purchasing your software if you do not wish to value me as your customer. I’m sure, there must be thousands like me who wanted to use that little app but since you had to be so stingy, they can’t enjoy this cool little sticky notes app anymore. What did you get out of this by the way? Was that so important to exclude this little goodie from Windows 7 Home Basic? Excluding this app must have saved you millions, right? No problem, you keep that little app of yours. Me? Oh well, I have thought of trying the Apple computers many times in past, even my friends suggested me to go for an Apple computer. I guess, it is about time I check what’s in the Apple store for me.

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It has been Microsoft’s old habit to take out good applications from non-premium versions to force people into buying premium versions. I too am swayed from my Windows only approach and will try Apple in the future.


Dev Duff

I don’t think that Sticky Notes app is such an important application that people will switch over from non-premium Windows version to the premium one. It is just that Microsoft loves and enjoys sucking the peace out of people’s lives. They can have their premium versions up their ….


Retha Fourie

I agree !!! It is such a small thing why leave it out ???



Well they have to exclude something I guess. I do not really see the point of making that many versions of Windows.
It is possible that this feature is available in a separate free program. I am not sure, I have not checked.



Sticky notes is one app I want to have in my laptop… then, I realized I have a home basic version… too sad… can’t have the small app…



I am Pissed off really … what the #@@# … I used to think that People should bue Microsoft i did .. but what u get out of it ?? nothing



all i can say is there’s so much injustice in the world….why leave out something so little deliberately?


Nona Famous

Where is my sticky note app??!!
I agree with the article. I WANT my sticky notes back. I had them until a few weeks ago, now they’re gone, they’re nowhere to be found.
It is so mean to one day find them missing. I neeeeeeeeeed my sticky notes.
It’s such a small thing; what ba#Q*$rds to orchestrate such a double cross.
damn damn damn damn damn damn ……….


Dev Duff

Hello Nona,

Feel sorry for you there. You know what is Microsoft up to? When you install/configure the operating system the first time (when you purchase your computer, you have to configure the user who will be using the puter). When you configure/install it, MS asks you if you would like to share your usage statistics with them. I guess, a lot of users ignore the severity of sharing their statistics. MS gets to know which applications a user uses the most. Guess what, they knew that from Vista users that “Sticky Notes” app is used a lot. So they thought, why not cash on it. When they introduced Windows 7, they deliberately removed this app from Win 7 Home Basic version. They excluded it so that users like you and me upgrade to a higher version to get that Sticky Notes application. I’m sure, this is not the only app missing from Win 7 Home Basic. There are other things that have been removed. For eg., you cannot create a Home Group to connect two laptops together on WiFi. That can be done on only the higher versions of Win 7. I see where’s MS coming from, they want us to either upgrade to expensive versions or keep crying. YOU SUCK A BIG ONE MS!



it is very sad..



how can i downlaod this app?



The sticky not app was just terrific. Why would they deny us the pleasure of its format? It seems so petty to me that it would be only available in a higher version. How sad and downright controlling.



There is a simple solution. Go to a Windows Vista Ultimate PC and look at the Notes gadget in it. I think that is the best substitute.



I Have Windows 7 Home premium I paid lots for this upgrade to get the damn sticky notes app and guess what all the sudden mine are gone Microsoft said that the side bar was vulnerable to virus so they only took my sticky notes away and left all my other gadgets what Cunts you are at Microsoft I paid way to much money for this crap windows and you take the best thing I had away yes again I have the windows 7 premium and no more Sticky Notes, Bull Sh*t Microsoft, Apple Here I come Ohh and I will never recommend anything Microsoft has again to anyone I build and do computer repair so now its all about APPLE with me…..


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