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by Dev Duff on June 12, 2012

Generally speaking, Sothink Logo Maker Pro is a graphic design tool which can be used in any design project. Whether you are professionals or not, this tool can help you design excellent works. Given the fact that Photoshop and Coreldraw are the most frequently used tools in the field, Logo Maker Pro offers some special features that draw our attention.

Let’s start with the installation. The program has a straightforward installation process that can be completed fast using just some mouse clicks. It takes up less than 30 MB of hard disk space, which is not much heavy considering the number of features available. After the installation, you will see the interface like this:

Logo Maker 01

Talking about features, the most significant change in Pro version is the drawing tools. You can express your design idea via pen or pencil; besides, you can set different style of the line you draw.

Logo Maker 02

Another attractive part is layout and batch replacement of element. It is a fast way to make logo which saves you lots of time. After dragging an element to the canvas and copying to several ones with different color and shape, we choose one layout such as align center to form a logo quickly; and we replace elements in batch to create brand new logos. It is pretty effective and the whole process only takes a few minutes.

Logo Maker 03

Color is the selling point of this tool. There is a color wheel inside the program called natural optical color wheel. We have to say it is functional indeed. There are so many color recommendations for you to choose. For one main color, the wheel offers 4 subcolors with different transparency; for each 4 subcolors, it offers another 12 suggestions according to lightness and darkness; what’s more, the program offers 6 color solutions; which means you can have 72 color combinations for one color. Please be noted that there are not random suggestions, they are professional according to color theory. You can also customize color as needed.

Logo Maker 04

So taking the best advantages of the program features mentioned above (there are also other nice features we can’t list one by one), we can have some really nice looking works.

Logo Maker 05

As a new graphic and logo design tool, Logo Maker Pro really brings some unique features. And these features effectively simplified the design process. We can’t list all the features in a short review, so let’s use the simplified words to conclude.

Download Sothink Logo Maker Pro and make stunning logos!

Pros: easy to use, suitable for both pros and green hand, professional drawing tools, awesome color functions.

Cons: the interface seems a little bit strange to first-time users, tools place need to be optimized, the templates are mediocre compare to its features, effects and filter need to be improved.

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