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by Dev Duff on August 28, 2011

Business security is the backbone of data-protection within an organization. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 27 million firms and about 30 million establishments in the United States. You can imagine the size of digital data which is handled everyday. A huge chunk of this data comprises of customers’ sensitive information like their personal credentials, financial information and customer whereabouts. Statistics show, as much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops. And your business is no different when it comes to data security. Without a good business security software, you can never be sure that your sensitive data is safe. There are many good companies that provide small business security however, only a few go that extra mile and give you the peace of mind you deserve. BitDefender is one of the leading business antivirus and business security providers which is technically advanced and gives you an edge when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. Here is detailed insight of how “small business security” can help you keep your machines protected with the best security software.

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Facts about Small Business Security

The biggest problem that businesses and corporates are facing is the malware threat. Malware is the short form of malicious software which is designed to disrupt or deny operation, gather information that leads to loss of privacy or exploitation, gain unauthorized access to system resources, and other abusive behavior. Viruses and worms are also a form of malware and are called Infectious Malware. According to, close to 60 million malware are present on the web in 2011 so far and the numbers are still increasing. Out of this number, about 12 million are totally new malware. These 12 million new malware are the point of the discussion. When a new malware is released, most security software fail to detect it. Only the best can keep your computers protected. So how do you protect so many computers from thousands of new malware being released daily on the web? Good security software designers introduce security software that has the capabilities of securing all the computers from one management console. Centralized Management capabilities that combine visibility into an organization’s security posture with remote endpoint auditing, configuration, and policy enforcement. While antivirus is the foundation of a good security policy, it is no longer the only answer to protecting your workforce from malicious threats. BitDefender offers all the capabilities of securing your business computers while providing a cost effective and technically advanced security system.

Data Loss Statistics

Data Loss is one of the biggest horrors of any business or corporate. Data is everything without which a business has not existence. According to, there have been 456 data loss incidents reported in 2011 so far. If we look at the trends, there were 846 incidents reported in 2008 which was the highest of all times. The numbers dropped to 644 incidents in 2009, 555 incidents in 2010 and 456 incidents in 2011. Although we see a fall in number of incidents, however, we are just half way through 2011 and there are already 456 incidents reported. It is expected to see a rise in the trends. The total number of data loss incidents in 2011 may rise higher. This proves that there is a huge need of enabling your computer systems with a good security software that can protect from known and unknown threats efficiently.

Latest Security Statistics

According to the business security giant BitDefender, here are the malware blocking statistics for August 2011:

  • 201,454,710 network attacks blocked.
  • 174,120,332 malware attacks blocked.
  • 330,456,582 overall threats blocked.
  • 89,844,343 infected email attachments blocked.

According to the antivirus giant Kaspersky, here are the malware statistics and trends for July 2011. The following statistics were compiled in July using data from computers running Kaspersky Lab products:

  • 182,045,667 network attacks blocked.
  • 75,604,730 attempted web-borne infections prevented.
  • 221,278,929 malicious programs detected and neutralized on users’ computers.
  • 94,004,507 heuristic verdicts registered.

Small Business Security Software

Business security on heavy DiscountBitDefender has been in the Computer Security World since many years and have been continuously working on providing state-of-the-art security software. Their antivirus software and internet security software has won many awards because of various factors like stealth, speed, anonymity, management and of course, price. In terms of seeking out the best product, BitDefender stands out head and shoulders above other competitive solutions. When it comes to small business security, a key deciding factor is the availability of additional tools for network management. BitDefender is really more than just an antivirus security solution for businesses. Go beyond basic virus and prevention with a solution capable of implementing controls and managing policy for a large number of endpoints and servers – all with minimum effort. Here is a sneak-peak of the BitDefender small business, large business and enterprise security software:

(All these “small business security” components are available for FreeBSD, Windows 7, Windows XP, Win Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, MAC OS and Linux).

  • BitDefender Business Security
  • BitDefender Client Security
  • BitDefender Corporate Security
  • BitDefender SBS Security
  • BitDefender Security for File Server
  • BitDefender Small Office Security

For home and home office, BitDefender has the Antivirus software and Internet security for MACOS, Windows based computers and Linux systems.

BitDefender Business Security Overview

Nowadays, businesses need a lot of security and your antivirus software should do a lot more than just providing security against viruses. Your security software should provide efficient security against viruses, malware, antispyware, phishing attacks, protection against worms, strong protection against hackers and intruders. It should not only block the known threats but should also warn against undetected potential threats that are new to the computer world. Apart from protection, your security software should have the capability of implementing controls and managing policies for large numbers of endpoints and servers with minimal effort. BitDefender’s Centralized Management combines visibility into an organization’s security posture with remote endpoint auditing, configuration, and policy enforcement. For a small office/home office (up to 10 workstations) Bitdefender recommends stand-alone antivirus products without centralized management while Bitdefender Security for File Servers protects also stand-alone servers in small offices.

BitDefender’s small business security software allows companies to implement a unified management platform for remote installation, configuration, and reporting of all Bitdefender Clients, Server, and Gateway products deployed throughout the network. It provides IT administrators with network-wide visibility into all malware related incidents, this is why it is the number 1 choice of IT professionals and network administrators. It is one beautifully designed software that proactively audit hardware and software assets within the network, allows you to remotely configure and manage client and server system settings and do a lot more than just protecting against viruses.

BitDefender Case Studies

The reason why millions of businesses recommend BitDefender security is because of the success rate in blocking viruses, malware and spyware threats. The software uses a security engine which is constantly upgraded and updated with the latest threat definitions. Also, the software warns beforehand the files that may be potentially harmful. This gives you total security and peace of mind that your systems are secure and no breach should occur due to running harmful files. Here are some case studies that are worth reading to understand the experience of Business segment users, what they think about BitDefender business security and how it helped them in business environment.

  1. Blackburn Rovers Community Trust Case Study

    Blackburn Rovers Community Trust IT resources include a network of 170 client PCs and five network servers, one of which is an Exchange 2003 mail server. Chris Dawes maintains these services in the organization and one of his main concern was to strengthen the security of business computers. He consulted his local IT supplier and carried out some additional research himself to identify a solution using trade publications and comparative reviews published on the Internet. BitDefender was shortlisted and subsequently selected to provide a replacement security suite for their business computers.

  2. Emergency Services Case Study

    HIFRS’s critical IT infrastructure controls several operational aspects, the most vital being the issuance of emergency response alerts to retained fire fighters across northern Scotland. Communication Manager John Cannon is responsible for managing the IT requirements of the emergency service. John says that he wanted more than just antivirus that looks like protecting the computers. He needed something that is more proactive in reassuring that everything is up-to-date and actively blocking threats ensuring total system security. Based on their research and tests, BitDefender stood out head and shoulders above other competitive small business security solutions, so they signed up for a three-year deal.

  3. Knowsley Community College Case Study

    Knowsley Community College is one of the largest providers of further education in the UK. The Knowsley College network is distributed across multiple locations and comprises of approximately 2,000 PC’s from new student laptops to older servers and desktops. IT Network Manager Steve Morgan looks after the IT system of the college. Morgan recalls that although there was a competitive business security solution on the computers but still a lot of systems were picking up viruses and malware. A lot of systems were infected with Conficker virus which played havoc on the computer systems. Conficker is a high-risk virus because once a machine is infected, the virus also has the ability to crack passwords, leaving users open to identity fraud and other third-party threats. So Morgan started searching for a Small Business Security solution which not only protected the systems efficiently but also was within the budget. Morgan and his colleagues sought advice from a local IT consultant. The IT consultant recommended a number of new solutions and the decision was made to terminate the existing security contract and deploy BitDefender.

Best Small Business Security

Although there are many business security providers but choosing the right one is not easy. So we compared different small business security providers. We compared their abilities to protect business computers from infection, support provided by the business security provider and also the price of the software. We compared solutions provided by Symantec (Norton Security), Kaspersky, TrendMicro, BitDefender and ESET. The conclusion of all the comparisons has lead us to believe that BitDefender provides the best security and available in the lowest price. The second best we found was the Symantec Norton Business Security. However, their business security software is expensive when compared to BitDefender. Also, there is considerable discount available for all BitDefender small and large business security products. If you are looking for a reasonable priced high-end security software for small business, large business or enterprise business, BitDefender is the best and most suitable option!

Business Security Discounts

If you have done your homework and have decided to go for the BitDefender Small Business Security, we can help you save money! We have discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars on business security!

To check current discounts see our small business security discounts page, you can find discounted security software for 10 to 3000 PCs (licenses).

However, if your requirement is for more than 3000 PCs, please contact us directly with your need. We will get you the best discounted price to save you money! Contact us now to save money on small business security software and we will do the needful to get the best price for you.

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I’ve switched many corporate clients to Panda, and love the product. It detects more than the other products installed. However, after reading this, I may have to reconsider and take a look at this product.



protect business computers from infection, support provided by the business security provider and also the price of the software.
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