Recovering Deleted Windows Files

by Dev Duff on June 25, 2011

One fine day you get out of your bed and while you are still half asleep, you power up your computer and when the computers loads up to the desktop you see a hell of icons and files cluttering up your desktop. You see all sorts of icons scattered all over the place and you think its time for cleaning up the mess. With your half awake head you start sweeping the unwanted icons and files and start moving them to the dustbin. When you are done, you right click on the recycle-bin and click “Empty Recycle Bin”. At the back of your head something keeps telling you, “Watch it! You are about to ruin your day”. You neglect it and anyway empty the recycle-bin. But by the time you gain on your senses, it is too late! BAM!! All those files have vaporized from your hard disk. And you get that ugly feeling that tells you that you’ve done something wrong. Then you start looking for that important file you saved last night on your desktop. Where is it? Oh HELL!

You guessed it right, this happened to me yesterday. I deliberately deleted one of my most important files that contained 3 weeks of my research work on a project I was doing for a client. This file is worth thousands of dollars to me. With my head in my hands and my brain spinning around I thought man I’m dead! I’m supposed to submit this important document to my client the coming day and here I’m thinking how in the world I could delete my most important file? Now I’m left with only two options. Either I buckle up and start right from the beginning and prepare the whole document once again or I start looking for a magic wand, swing it and get my deleted file quickly. Either way, I needed to come up with a miracle because a normal human can’t do it in a day what took 3 weeks to accomplish.

But then I’ve read about data recovery software somewhere over the internet. That’s one way to save my sorry ass! Oh yeah, let’s start looking for some software that can help me recover deleted windows file. Google is the king of all search engines, so I searched and searched. There were like a bazillion recovery software out there that could help me recover deleted windows files. But which one is the best? I checked a few software at the CNET site and explored other places over the internet. Most of the files that I found had problems, one or the other. I always check downloaded files at in order to verify if it contains any virus or spyware. Many of the download file recovery software contained virus, spyware or trojans. Even some of the software I downloaded from a trusted site like CNET Downloads had infection and CNET says it right in your face that they are not responsible for the problems caused by downloaded software.

I spent 4 hours searching around for a good piece of software but didn’t find any luck. Either the downloads were broken files or infected files. Finally after 6 hours of searching, I found this awesome piece of software that helped me recover deleted windows files. I don’t mind paying for a software that does what it says. The Power Undelete Wizard software is one heck of a software that I needed to recover my deleted document! I was extremely happy and charmed to find this software because it is not only small in size but brings awesome results! Since the file is not too large in comparison to other software I tried earlier, it becomes easy to download it quickly. After installation, I ran the software to recover my recently deleted document. BINGO!! It recovered my sweet little document within just few seconds! I was so glad to recover my document.

Power Undelete software is one of the best software I found to recover deleted windows files! It is easy to install, easy to customize and it recovers all the files you have deleted so far. It even found the files I deleted 6 months ago! I remember, couple of months ago I deleted some of my important photos and this little piece of magical software recovered even those photos! I’m so happy to find this software, it is a life saver! If anyone is looking for a software that can help recover deleted windows files, I would recommend the Power Undelete software! You can buy the Power Undelete Wizard (Unlimited License) by clicking this link. If you are bothered about the price of this software, I would say software like this is simply priceless because it saves your ass when you are in trouble. Well, it did save mine! I hope you find this software equally useful when you delete your important files and wish to recover them quickly, it is a wonder software!

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Good article! I just did that crap too .. I selected a bunch of files and then shift+deleted them, didn’t care to see if I were deleting any important files. Sigh .. I did delete a couple of my important text documents. Shit just happens, it never warns you before it hits you right in your face!



I’ve done that in past and wondered how to recover my deleted files. But then I had a software that helped me recover the files, I don’t remember the name of that software but it was good. Thanks for informing about the spyware in cnet downloads. I always thought the files were 100% safe and virusfree.


Alan Tay

Back in 6 months ago, I had the same issue. I do search for 4-5 hours, which took up half of my working day to find a good software that can retrieve back my deleted files. This is because my weeks of efforts being put into a single 7GB file which is a Virtual Machine. In the end, I couldn’t retrieve, but I will note this software down and perhaps one day it can save my ass. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.


Anne Hathaway

Accidentally deleted files into recycle bin? Go to Recycle Bin and click “Restore”.
Can’t find it there? Don’t worry! You can get them back!
Deleting won’t make the data on a computer erase permanently(Even permanently deleted with “Delete + Shift” or emptied recycle bin).Those deleted files are still stored on your PC, they’re just invisible or inaccessible. You can recover deleted files with data recovery software. But once the deleted files were overwritten by new data,they are gone for good.
I used to recover deleted files from my laptop with Tenorshare Data Recovery.
Anyway,you can download it and scan your PC for free to preview whether you can recover your deleted files.

Note: Do not save your recovered files on C: drive.


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