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by James Smith on May 23, 2014

MBOX files known amongst the most flexible file formats due to the compatibility with multiple number of email clients involving three different OS support. However, the flexibility and versatility fails to serve those having the desire to stick to a professionally accepted and suitable email client like Microsoft Outlook. SysTools MBOX Converter application from SysTools Group guarantees the conversion of MBOX file emails into other email formats including PST for Outlook. Other than that, the program features EML and MSG mail file formats as the output format for converted MBOX data. In my point of view the software offers a user friendly GUI which makes the operations quite convenient to be performed.

How The Software Works?

Developed with the combination of user friendly operations and precision is what my first impression about the tool. Despite of a decent bandwidth, the installation was quite quick.

On running the software, the following screen comes up:

mbox converter

All I had to do in the software screen given above was, click on Open to open MBOX file(s) on it.

Followed by it, opened a new pop up screen that asked for my preference as to Browse For:

  1. File
  2. Or Folder (Files)

choose file or folder

The File and Folder selection is a great option according to my point of view. Selecting multiple MBOX files for conversion at one go is good to avoid excess of time consumption. Though I had not created a separate folder for my MBOX files but the software still managed to precisely detect and load MBOX format files only from selected folder.

It was satisfactory that there was no requirement to manually sort out and save MBOX files separately for the software to detect them. Simply on the basis of this intelligent feature alone, this tool can be rated as a highly dependable solution for an organized conversion of data from MBOX client.

NOTE: A significant facility that the software comes with is support for MBOX files of 17+ mail clients creating the respective mailbox file.

preview attachments

There was a separate tab for previewing Attachments that made all the process very organized. The testing revealed that the tool lets preview attachments of image formats, document formats i.e. DOC, XLS, PDF, etc.

Though the screen here only shows a preview of image but all the mentioned formats are also supported. In addition to which Screen View can also be changed like that of Microsoft Outlook; Horizontal or Vertical.

choose horizontal or vertical

One more notable facility that is featured in one of the steps of MBOX conversion process is PST file creation in a desired manner.

I was given the option to create either a common PST file for all MBOX files selected or a PST file for each MBOX.

file converter options

In order to avoid file management, I proceeded with common PST file creation for all the three MBOX files selected.

A live count of emails being converted from chosen MBOX files is shown in a separate window during conversion. Once it’s done, a report of the conversion is generated automatically by the software. Though the report can further be saved into a Comma Separated Values (CSV File) but it’s of no use without ample amount of details provided regarding data conversion executed from MBOX to PST.

export report

This is a place where the software lacks a bit as, after saving the report it was discovered that in the name of a conversion report only source and destination paths are recorded by the tool.

destination paths

Software Testing Platform

Machine: Lenovo Laptop

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

Memory: 1.87 GB Free

Processor: 2.27GHz Intel core i3

System Type: 32 Bit

Although, the review is based on testing performed in the above mentioned environment but, by observing the testing outcome received in other environments it was discovered that there are some aspects of the tool that don’t change no matter what.

Stable Aspects Of SysTools MBOX Converter

  1. Quick And Precise Scan: The software maintains its quickness yet precision of scanning MBOX file(s) regardless of the RAM or free storage memory.
  2. Auto-Detection of MBOX: Auto detection feature of MBOX files from a folder consisting of other file formats is maintained in all environments consistently.
  3. Conversion Report: A conversion report is generated and can be saved in CSV format. Though it is necessary for the machine to have suitable application to open CSV file.
  4. All The Other Facilities: Other major and minor options and steps involved in the conversion of MBOX data are maintained by the software regardless with precision.

NOTE: The only thing that changes in the change of environment for instance; Windows OS Version is the software wizard theme depending on the version available

Conclusive Report

However, there was least amount of flaws encountered while working out the conversion from MBOX format to Outlook PST files.

But the software still lacks precision especially when it comes to saving conversion report. Nevertheless its capability of supporting MBOX files of up to 17+ desktop mail clients is highly commendable and makes it an ideal tool for conversion of MBOX files.

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SysTools MBOX Converter Software Very Good Converter Software.I Use This Software.



I’ve actually never heard of this tool despite being well established in technology. This will be extremely useful for helping my friends convert their MBOX data.


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