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by Dev Duff on April 7, 2012

You have been using your computer for a while and now you have loads of data and files in different folders and drives. When you are looking for a certain file, you are looking through a pile of folders and files and you simply can’t find that specific file you need. You are wasting your precious time browsing and searching through a pile of drives and folders. What can you do to organize all the data on your computer? How can you quickly find a specific file or information you need right now? The main question here is, how to organize your PC so that you can find your desired files quickly? We have all experienced this situation once in a while. So what’s the solution to easily find a file by organizing your PC? The answer to all of these questions is the CleverKM software!

CleverKM DiscountCleverKM is basically a database creation tool which can help you store crucial information at a single place so that it becomes easier for you to retrieve information from your PC. It is the perfect tool for those who wish to organize information on their PC and the process is as simple as a few clicks. Besides, you can also transfer information stored on your PC to cleverKM’s personal knowledge base. A variety of information can be stored in the personal knowledge base ranging from blog posts to articles to cooking recipes. This PC data management software is also capable of storing valuable online information. This amazing management software offers you the option to save different types of personal information, creating your own information database along with an impressive interface.

With this PC organizer, you can collect your important information at a single place! Whether you wish to save License keys, notes, blog entries, user guides, documents, contracts, EULAs, passwords, webpages, recipes, x-rays, travel hints, protocols, personal health information or any other such data, this utility tool gives you the best by offering encryption and complete security! The software also helps you to save time and money by allowing you to work efficiently on your computer. The software is compatible with WinXP/Vista/7 and comes with a size of 7 MB.

According to, this software won a rating of 9 on 10 and has been downloaded by 341 users since it was last added on March 10, 2011. The version has been analyzed with 30 antivirus engines and it was found free from any infection. The software is 100% safe!

While the software is packed with powerful features, one of the significant disadvantages of using CleverKM is that it can be quite complicated and confusing for beginners. But if you read the documentation and help files, you can learn using the software quickly. Once you get the hang of this PC management software, you will love using it everyday. It is a life saver and lets you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

CleverKM has been designed using c# and WPF as well as works on Microsoft .Net framework 4.0. Besides, CleverKM uses Microsoft SQL Server Compact. There’s a free version of this software which is active for 10 days and you can work on it without any limitations and once the trial is over, you can buy the full version which is priced at $52.14. But if the price is a matter of concern for you, here’s a coupon code that can help you save 20% on your purchase. You can download CleverKM here and use the coupon devduff20off at checkout to get 20% discount.

CleverKM is indeed a great software and can be used very well once you get a knack of it. In fact it can best serve your needs if you have a hobby or otherwise wish to store your relevant information at one place from where it can be retrieved anytime as per your wish. The tool can be really advantageous to you and you can organize your files and data easily on your computer. After you are aware of the complete functions, it gets simpler and easier. In fact, this is a great application and has the potential to be real organizational life-saver for professionals and novice PC users alike.

Download: CleverKM PC Organizer

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This is a great tool! Easy to use and very functional. Thanks for sharing.



Do you have any suggestion for Mac OS X ? i am new to this mac and organizing really makes me so hard to do one..



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