Norton Antivirus 2011

by Dev Duff on September 29, 2010

The long awaited news, Norton Antivirus 2011 and Norton Internet Security 2011 are released and it is available for public now. We are a bit late on evaluating of copy of Norton antivirus 2011. As we are all moving through the holiday season, we are all busy with shopping over the internet, buying products, banking and what not. Specially from now till the end of the year, you wouldn’t really want to get affected with any sort of virus or spyware issues. That’s the last thing on the earth you would want in this part of the year. So the best we can do is use the best antivirus and spyware security available out there. This article will introduce you to the Norton’s latest security products and they can keep your computer safe against malware.

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On September 11th, Symantec launched its latest version of security software, the Norton antivirus 2011 and the internet security 2011 software. Norton antivirus is one of the best performing software for Windows based computer systems and even for MAC computers. This is why, Norton is listed in the top positions in our top ten antivirus 2011 article published in May this year.

Norton Products 2011

Norton Security 2011
There are some excellent features in the Norton’s latest antivirus software which make it stand out in comparison to other antivirus software. Norton launched the 2011 version of these software components:

  • Norton Antivirus 2011
  • Norton Internet Security 2011
  • Norton 360 version 4.0

Check out what’s new in these software components below.

Norton Security Comparison

Norton Antivirus 2011 Norton Antivirus 2011Antivirus
Bot protection
Norton Internet Security 2011 Norton Internet Security 2011Antivirus
Bot protection
Identity protection
Smart Firewall
Norton Safe Web
Parental Control
Norton 360 Version 4.0 Norton 360 Version 4.0Antivirus
Bot protection
Identity protection
Norton Safe Web
Smart Firewall
Download protection
Network monitoring
Rootkit protection
PC Tuneup
Browser protection
Pulse updates
Norton Insight
Download insight
System insight
File insight
Automated backup and restore
Vulnerability protection

Norton antivirus 2011 reviews

I’m collecting reviews of the Norton Antivirus 2011 software and if you have installed the free trial version or have purchased a license, please share your views and reviews with the community. Tell us how was your experience with the latest Norton security software. If you wish to get involved with the discussion or have any recommendations, please use the comment form below to suggest. For further reading, please read our top ten antivirus 2011 review published earlier.

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SEO Company Houston

Great and very informative blog about the Norton Antivirus-2011. I hope this would again impress its user and even those who don’t used it very often will be impressed with it. But hopefully it will be in my computer as soon as it will be in the market.


Computer IT Support Miami

I agree with you completely i have been waiting for this version. Thanks for the share!



I would actually disagree about the speed of Norton. I had it on my computer for 2 years and it ran so incredible slow. I did a diagnosis of it and could find not viruses or anything wrong with it. After reading very informative reviews on Norton and hearing feedback from many Norton users I discovered Norton slows down your computer. I decided after my subscription was up I should remove Norton. Sure enough I’ve used better free anti-virus software and my computer has been running much faster ever since. While it may be a good program it is definitely not 5 stars fast I think you should change that to more accurately reflect Norton’s actually speed.



I had used AVG & Kaspersky before. This year I have switched to ESET AV 2011 and Norton AV 2011, both don’t slow down my computers. Personally I like Norton AV 2011 better, for the design is impressive, thorough, easy to use. It finds and connects my PCs automatically to my wireless network(I don’t have to key in the proxy setting as ESET required for I don’t know how to do it actually). Also, Norton Support Team responsed my emails within 24 hours. Next year, if Norton’s rating continues to be on the top 5 list, I will renew the licience.



Somewhat informative. Although there seem to be some conflicts or contradictory info on Norton. I have installed the trial Norton 360 and I am really concerned about the slow-down issue. I would like to hear or read more on this.



My IT guy installed Norton 360 on my computer and 3 others in the company. He did not like Advast (which gave us zero computer problems), and after installing Norton our computers slowed down with lag conciderably. My computer is one of the worst in lag time now. It has slowed down what I get done at work because I am always waiting. On my boss’s computer it did not work with his Earthlink email and would not send or receive email. they had to contact Norton to resolve the problem. I plan to remove Norton and go back to Advast. Every thing else on Norton seems to work fine.



The article is great! Good information. I am using Norton 360 Version 5.0 it’s a 3 license user cd. It is really good. There is a system to start booting even if my system crashes and does boot. This software available for free with this edition of Norton helps the system to start booting. There are lot of stuff and the protection is really good. Thanks to HP coz the trial version came with my HP laptop and then to renew the subscription I bought it.


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