My personal review of Windows 7

by Dev Duff on May 18, 2010

Windows 7Windows 7 as we all know, is the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, a huge buzz in the computer world! When Microsoft announced the release of Windows 7, I thought, here comes another one right after Windows Vista. But when I read this exclusive Windows 7 review at Engadget, I was delighted to read that it is fast and lightweight. That’s what moves me, performance is all I need. Hold on, that’s not all. Windows 7 is not only fast and reliable, but also, it has all those glossy looks to make your computer look great!  Also, if you are new to Windows 7, perhaps you do not know about the cool Win 7 features, tips and tricks. I have included some links to sites where you can find lots of cool information on this new operating system by Microsoft.

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Windows 7 Review

It all started with my Vista loaded notebook computer. I didn’t opt for Windows Vista but Sony pushed me to use one with my VAIO notebook computer. At that time I didn’t know that Vista was such a hogger. Anyway, I was really upset with Vista because it is a resource hogger and is dead slow. After reading several Windows 7 reviews on the internet, I thought to give it a try. I purchased the retail version of Windows 7 Home Basic which is pretty cheap as compared to other Win7 versions. I can go on talking all the good things about this new operating system but I will let you figure out on your own. It is up to you to decide whether it is “the” time to move on and explore this gorgeous operating system or not. Go on read below why I love it!

Windows 7 Installation

I have reinstalled the operating system on my computer many times and I know that it takes a long time to format the hard drive and delete everything. Specially, the NTFS formatting takes a whole lot of time in case of XP or Vista installation. So I was thinking that it is going to take a hell lot of time. But to my delight, it took just a few minutes to do everything from deleting partitions, creating new partitions, formatting the partitions, etc. Windows 7 has inbuilt options of deleting partitions, creating partitions, formatting drives, etc.

To begin with the Windows 7 installation, insert the disc in the DVD drive and restart your computer. The message appears, click any key to boot from CD/DVD. When you hit a key, Windows 7 loads the basic files needed to boot from DVD. Once it is done, you will see the self-explanatory and helpful instructions to install Windows 7 on your computer. You can remove old partitions from your computer, create new partitions, assign the primary drive, secondary drive and more. Once you are satisfied with your selection, the installation begins which takes nearly 45 minutes to copy all the necessary files to the hard drive. Windows 7 takes around 8 GB to store all the system files and I don’t mind if it takes that much space because Vista had taken almost same amount of space. All I need is better performance! The installation is pretty much straight forward and you wouldn’t have much to deal with.

Post Installation Review

Windows 7 installed on my notebook computer without any problems at all. Now the performance check! Since it was a new installation and none of the other software were yet loaded, the system was supposed to run faster and it did. But I was amazed at such an incredible performance! My computer was super fast! The loading time to reach desktop takes very less time, perhaps 20 to 30 seconds. This is a remarkable difference between Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

I started installing my necessary software programs like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Photoimpact, antivirus and other software. While I was installing software, I felt like the computer got a little slow. Now this is something that bothers me a lot, there is nothing worse than a slow computer. It didn’t took much time to find out the problem was the antivirus software that I had installed. I removed this software and installed one of the fastest antivirus software for Windows 7, the ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4. That fixed the problem, I feel that the computer is working pretty fast and I’m one happy camper with Windows 7 installed on my computer!

After installing all of my applications and software, I played with some cool Windows 7 features that can be really helpful. I feel that Windows 7 is even faster than Windows XP. I was a BIG fan of Windows XP but not anymore, I love my Windows 7 Home Basic and love working on my fast computer. I can’t thank Microsoft enough for releasing Windows 7. Thank you Microsoft for creating such a fast operating system. Now all we need to figure out is the vulnerabilities in this new operating system … Yikes!

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Yay! I just purchased the Windows 7 retail and about to install it on my computer. I’m damn happy to lose the Vista, was getting sick of it. I hope Windows 7 will be good! Thank you for sharing your experience.


windows 7 review

Windows 7 is really good as compared to Windows Vista and other versions. Read the PCWorld windows 7 review and know how good is Windows 7.


windows 7 reviews

Read the windows 7 review. According to Guardian, Windows 7 is like Vista, but better than Vista. Visually, Win 7 looks gorgeous but at the same time, it gives great performance. It is fast!


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