Firefox hangs or crash on Windows Vista

by Dev Duff on December 16, 2009

I’m not out of those who love Windows Vista and certainly not one of those who care about how the glossy looks of this clunky software make my day (worse actually). I love fast computers, even if I have to sacrifice all the looks and glossy designs of Vista. I have optimized my computer for fast performance and have tweaked Vista to be easy on resources. However, a few days ago, my browsers started crashing for no apparent reason. The problem was with most browsers and I tried Firefox 3.5.5, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10.10 and Chrome 4, all were browsers crashing and hanging for no reason.

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I normally use Firefox browser for general browsing and use Chrome browser for all the programming work. Where Firefox is safe and secure (atleast better than other browsers), Chrome is fast and serves best for programming/coding. Initially, when my Firefox started to hang, I thought it may be because of a recent update or may be my Vipre Antivirus was kicking in. But as I continued using Firefox, over the days the browser started to hang and crash even worse.

The problem wasn’t only that the browser was hanging or crashing but also I saw multiple instances of Firefox in the Task Manager. That made me thought that there was something fishy going on. I couldn’t end task and close Firefox either and there was nothing I could do to close firefox.exe process in the task manager. The only way to go was to shutdown computer and restart it. But the computer won’t shut down either. Now, that is enough to think that there is really something fishy. I thought let’s stop using Firefox for a few days and lets use some other browser.

I started using Opera for regular browsing and thought until a new update comes out for Firefox, I should continue to use Opera. However, soon I discovered the same problem with Opera browser too and this time it was even worse. Opera would hang and crash and I was unable to end the opera.exe process from task manager either. I thought lets try some other browser for a couple of days and see if the problem is resolved using a different browser.

I started using the mighty Internet Explorer 8 and thought that now the problem will resolve and I will browse in peace. But IE8 started crashing too and so did Chrome 4. All browsers on my system were crashing/hanging for no apparent reasons. I ran several antivirus scans in normal mode and safe mode. I even scanned my computer using Vipre Antivirus deep scans and Kaspersky online scan to find out if there were any trojans, viruses or spyware. Nothing found! I uninstalled browsers, removed profiles completely, installed updated browsers, tried installing them in a different folder. Even created a new user account on my Vista laptop and installed browsers and tried everything I could to get rid of the troubles I had with browsers, but nothing helped.

At this point I was nearly pulling my hair off my head because I needed to work on my websites and deal with codes. All this browser crashing had me restart computer over and again. It was getting insane because when you need your computer to perform simple tasks like checking your email on Yahoo, browse news, visit simple websites that are safe and your browser won’t allow you to do such simple things. Finally, I thought may be Vista installed some updates but I have not configured my computer to automatically download and install updates. So what could be causing this situation? Why were my browsers hanging and crashing? What I could have done to get into all this mess when I am really careful about downloading stuff off the internet.

I searched around to find a solution to the browser hanging and browser crashing problem and found some really good information that helped me figure out what could be the cause of the browser hangs and crashes. I found a very good article on internet that pointed towards the Windows registry. I don’t play around with registry too often because it is a very sensitive part of the operating system, however, as we install and uninstall software from our computers, some residue is left in the registry in the form of keys and strings. I have never tweaked my registry to find out what useless stuff is there, doing nothing but creating problems. The article suggested to use a registry cleaner to clean the residue or left-overs or what they call ‘remains’ of software that was uninstalled from the computer. I know Registry Easy registry cleaner is a good tool to clean registry, I installed that on my computer and followed directions to clean my registry. The result is simply amazing! I’m not sure what nonsense it removed from the registry that its been 5 days and my browsers haven’t given me any troubles and now I can browse internet without any problems!

It is amazing because I never thought that my browsers hanging and crashing had to do anything with the registry. I’m a computer troubleshooter and have been troubleshooting computers since over 5 years and I never had to get too much into Windows registry. I have troubleshot browsers and internet browsing related issues but never thought that some crap lying in the Windows registry could cause browser hang or crash. Now I understand why computer experts recommend using registry cleaners.

As we talk about registry cleaners, I found RegistryEasy registry cleaner the best. It is capable of fixing a lot of issues related to Windows operating system and Windows registry. We learn something new every day, no matter how old we get, the learning curve is never over. I finally learn that registry cleaners were designed for a reason. I’m happy that my browsers are no longer hanging or crashing and once again, I’m enjoying using my computer. I’m so thankful to RegistryEasy for designing such a robust software that fixes computer problems automatically.

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Good article Dev but I suspected that this was a sponsored product. Fair enough if you declared this.

Better still if Registry Easy cleaner didn’t promote itself as a “Free Download” and had an actual cost openly declared (a small “now available for $39.95” eventually appeared and then disappeared). This approach cons you into downloading and then scanning with what you thought was freeware, leading to the inevitable horrendous list of errors…which you then find you can only fix by paying the $39.95.

I don’t mind paying for something but I’d like to know that it works first. I also like vendors to be upfront with their actual price.


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