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by Dev Duff on October 31, 2011

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Since I use my computer for doing all sorts of things: banking, shopping, designing and specially making my living, I’m always worried about the security of the data. I have loads of data on my computer that includes images, personal photos, documents, software, music and many other things that I have to regularly backup on a 500 GB hard drive that I specially bought to backup my data. I regularly backup my data on this external hard drive from time to time (once in 3 months). So far, I’m really happy about saving my data on this external hard drive.

But still, there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t been worried about the loss of data from this external hard drive. If my computer crashed at some point of time and the data becomes unrecoverable, I may lose some data but what if this external hard drive crashed? I may end up losing everything I have saved since years. So what can I do to protect all of my data? I may be happy about saving my work on the external backup device but what if my computer crashed and I lose 3 months of data? I may lose some very important files which I may wish to recover. Is there a way to save this data in case my computer hard drive crashes or someone steals my computer?

I’ve heard about “continuous data backup solutions” that allows you to continuously backup your data as you save it on your computer. Genie Timeline is a continuous backup solution that is simple and easy to use. It also includes Disaster Recovery so you will never have to fear a computer crash and loss or theft of your machine. This article is to discuss if Genie Timeline could be a good solution to continuously backup your data so that the data is safe at all times. We will discuss, how Genie Timeline works, how it protects data by continuously saving it on the server and is it really worth spending your time on this software?

Continuous Data Backup Solutions

Although there are many continuous data backup solutions available out there but you can rely on only those that provide a guarantee to protect your data and provide full anonymity of your data. The software should be logical and easy to use. The software should be easy to understand and use, have friendly and intuitive interface, should be feature-rich and cost-effective. The software should have a trial version available so that a user can test it and understand if it is effective or not. The software should be made available for both: home users and business users.

Genie 9 which was formerly known as Genie-Soft has all that you may be looking for. They have different backup software for Home and Business users. Trial versions are available so that users can try the software and know its benefits. The software has won many awards and based on those awards, I believe their software has earned a lot of reputation in the market. It is safe to use the Genie 9 backup software because it is power packed with features that will be extremely helpful to you to backup your data. The software has friendly and easy to use interface. Be it your images, photos, documents, movies, music files or any other format, it can backup all data types. it is secure and very reliable and backs up all the data you wish to protect. Another feature of this software is that it supports both 32-bits and 64-bits platforms. Here are the software that are available from Genie9 that you can try or buy:

Continuous Data Backup Solutions for Home Users

  1. Genie Timeline Home – Trial | Buy Software
  2. Genie Backup Manager Home – Trial | Buy Software

Continuous Data Backup Solutions for Business Users

  1. Genie Timeline Professional – Trial | Buy Software
  2. Genie Timeline Business – Trial | Buy Software
  3. Genie Timeline Server – Trial | Buy Software
  4. Genie Backup Manager Professional – Trial | Buy Software
  5. Genie Backup Manager Server – Trial | Buy Software

Backup Solutions by Business Size or Industry

Genie 9 has tailored different software for different requirements in order to make the software affordable for each segment. They have tailored the software for individuals, small and medium business, enterprises, educational organizations and healthcare organizations. Their cloud solution is one of the most used service that many organizations are benefiting from. You can check their full list of backup solutions on their website.

Genie9 Continuous Data Backup Solutions

I have been using the Genie9 continuous backup solution since last couple of weeks and I’m already impressed with the benefits of their amazing software that constantly backup all of my data and makes me worry free. I’m not worried at all about a computer crash or computer theft anymore because my data is safe elsewhere. In case of disaster, I would have one thing less to worry about and that’s a backup of all of my data that I have collected since years. If you are also looking for a continuous backup solution for protection of your data, you should try Genie9 software. Since the trial version is a “free download”, you can play around with the trial version and see if it is helpful in keeping your data safe.

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hey there Dev, I’m a regular reader on your blog. this is a very informative article about data backup services by genie9. thanks for the informative article, i’ll look into this data backup service.



i’m looking for data backup service. their cloud storage service seems to be pretty nice.



Cloud computing is the latest requirements in several industries. They do not want to bear system crashes/hardware issues etc., Cloud computing technique is just a onetime investment and avail the prolong usage. You don’t need to worry about antivirus attack, hacking etc., Your data will be always safe.


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