BitDefender Antivirus 2013 Coupons

by Dev Duff on June 30, 2012

BitDefender has launched its 2013 line of products, read our BitDefender antivirus 2013 review and you will be happy to know that the new software is even better than its previous versions. Also, it is compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system. Here are the BitDefender antivirus 2013 coupons and discounts that can save you money on your purchase. In this sale, you can save 50% on the antivirus plus 2013, 50% off on internet security 2013 and 30% off on BitDefender total security 2013 software. Check below for the coupon links, choose your license type and click the link.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013 Coupons

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Erwin Alvarez

where is the 50% off to the bitdefender antivirus plus 2013?


Dev Duff

Hi Erwin,

The 50% off is gone. Sorry that you couldn’t take advantage of the 50% off price. However, you can still get up to 30% off on BitDefender security. Please check the new prices above.

Dev Duff.



How about a free 30 day trial?


Dev Duff

You can download the 30 days trial from website. You can wait 30 days to buy the full version at regular price OR you can buy the antivirus software at discounted price right now. Choice is yours!


Joel M. Solano

Is their any way to download it for free?


Dev Duff

No there is no way to get it for free. BitDefender costs some odd $30 and provides protection for 1 year. Break it down to monthly, it comes to $1.50 per month. Is that costly? Really?

You can afford to mess up your PC and then spend hundreds of dollars to fix it. But you can’t spend $30 to make your life easier? Come on ..


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