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by Dev Duff on May 5, 2009

I am Big Brother - Computer Spy Software

Ever ran into trouble because someone else used your computer when you were away? Or ever wondered, how your computer got infected with a virus? If you have been trying to restrict your family members, friends and youngsters from accessing your computer in your absence, still you doubt that someone is crossing the line in your absence, here is some useful software that records all the activity on your computer when you are away.

The “I Am Big Brother” software version 9.1 is a robust and powerful software that multi-tasks and records keystrokes, takes screenshots, keeps a record of Instant Messenger conversations, keeps a record of web pages accessed and lots of other cool options.

Even if you have allowed others to use your computer but have restricted to open any restricted websites or using Instant Messenger, there is no other way for you to find out if everyone is following your computer-usage instructions. The software when activated, works quietly in the background. Even if once activated, the computer is restarted, the software starts-up automatically and continues spying on the user. Here is a list of cool things this software can do: Captures Passwords, captures keystrokes, records incoming and outgoing emails, works quietly in the background, it simply cannot be by-passed, restricted or detected by a user, does not slow down computer at all as it requires minimum system resources and even it records conversation keystrokes.

Kids are smart these days and they know how to bypass ‘Windows Parental Control’ options and they will not leave a chance to open up their favorite websites, use instant messenger and interact with other people on social networking sites like, etc. However, the “I Am Big Brother” software goes that extra mile and it is not only a monitoring software but also a Parental and Internet Control Software. The software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Vista. You can purchase the IAmBigBrother software just for $29.95 by clicking here.

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Laura P

That’s an excellent software. I have it on my computer and my kids are safer than ever. Highly recommended software!



Wow, thanks for the information.


Brian Bright

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing this resource.



Honestly, I think this software is COOL.


Juan Perez

I have read many reviews of this parental control software and guess it is about time I should secure my kids with this parental control software. I will buy this software as per your recommendation. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.



Good information, thanks.


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