Best Antivirus Software At Lowest Price

by Dev Duff on February 3, 2012

While selecting an antivirus software for your computer, there are two major aspects that you should consider. The antivirus software should do what it is supposed to do without impacting the performance of the computer and its price should be low. So the question, which is the best antivirus software available at lowest price? Let’s explore some of the best antivirus programs and compare their prices to know which one will suit your needs the best.

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Best Antivirus Software At Lowest Price

While there are many antivirus software which are said to be the best. However, there are only a few that do the job without impacting the computer performance. As we talk about the computer performance, after installing the antivirus/security software, a computer should not slow down. The computer should not slow down while starting, while shutting down, rendering graphics, opening/closing documents/programs, updating virus definitions, running antivirus scans, etc. Antivirus software should be efficient and should not use too many system resources. If your antivirus software makes your computer sluggish or interrupts your usage because of the updates or virus scans, the program is not considered to be the best. We will discuss some of the programs that are not only efficient but also cost effective. Some of these antivirus software are available on heavy discounts to save you money.

Lowest Price Antivirus Software

Raxco’s Perfect antivirus is emerging to be among the best protection for home users. As per the top ten antivirus website, Perfect antivirus is the third best antivirus program. For a very limited time Raxco is offering 20% discount on their computer security software. Take an Extra 20% Off Household & Multi-User Licenses with coupon LUCKY20 or 15% Off Single & 1-User Software Licenses with coupon LUCKY15. The promotion will end on March 31, 2012! Also, Perfect antivirus is available at the lowest price of $24.95 and the Perfect internet security is available at just $34.95!

BitDefender antivirus is proven to be one of the best. The reviews at top ten antivirus website shows that BitDefender 2012 performed the best and achieved great scores in comparison to other antivirus programs. Right now, the BitDefender internet security is at heavy discount. You can buy one year license for one PC at the lowest price of $24.97 only, that’s the lowest priced internet security software!

Vipre Antivirus is another wonderful security software. Vipre is one of the fastest antivirus software that provides ultimate security and hassle-free updates, that’s the reason it is the second best antivirus and security software. Right now, Vipre is offering 2 years subscription for the price of 1, that’s 50% off on 2 years license! This offer is available for a very limited time! You can buy 2 years Antivirus license for 3 PC at just $39.95 and complete Internet Security 2 years license for 3 PC at just $49.95! If you do the math, Vipre antivirus is priced at just $20 app. per year and the Vipre internet security is priced at $25 app. per year! That’s in fact the lowest price antivirus and internet security software!

Webroot antivirus has also emerged as one of the best options for home users. Webroot has focused majorly on the performance of the software. They have produced one of the best antivirus software which is not only effective against virus and malware but also fast and uses the least system resources. Through out February 2012, Webroot is offering great discounts on antivirus and security software. The antivirus is only $29.95 ($10 off), Webroot Essentials is $39.95 ($20 off) and the full internet security protection is only $49.95 ($30 off)!

Lowest Price Best Antivirus Coupons

The above mentioned antivirus programs are some of the best and provide the best security for your computer against all forms of threat. Now is the time to act and purchase your license so that you can stay protected from now and in the next year 2013. These antivirus deals and offers are available till the licenses are available. To find even more deals, keep checking our antivirus coupons page where we list the latest coupons and deals on antivirus and internet security software. If you are looking for deals on other software, feel free to post your request below and we will find the best antivirus at lowest prices quickly!

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