Best All In One Computer Security Systems

by Dev Duff on June 6, 2010

When we talk about all in one computer security system, we generally refer to the internet security software that includes the antivirus software, firewall, antispyware, antiphishing control, parental control, etc. The internet security software protects a computer by constantly monitoring the computer activity online and offline. Where the firewall software protects the computer from harmful attacks and intrusion attempts by hackers, the antivirus software protects the computer from virus and malicious codes. So, all in one computer security systems provide total security to a computer system and make it immune to any potential risks by hackers and malicious codes.

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Best all in one computer security

Some of the best all in one computer security systems include the popular Norton Security, BitDefender Security, Kaspersky Security and ESET internet security.

  • BitDefender Security: BitDefender Internet Security is gaining popularity at a very fast rate in the computer security industry. The reason why BitDefender is so popular is because of the technology they use to protect a computer system from threats over the internet. Also, BitDefender provides the cheapest security solutions for home computers, business computers and enterprises. Their security software is robust and provides efficient security without slowing down the computer system.
  • Norton Security: Norton Internet Security software (Price: $69.99 1 year) is perhaps one of the most known internet security software and also, it is the oldest in the industry. Norton has always been a leader in providing the best computer security systems. In 2008, the Norton Security was reported to slow down the computer, however, soon Norton worked on this limitation and once again proved to be #1 all in one computer security solution.
  • Kaspersky Security: Kaspersky Internet Security is well known for its state-of-the-art internet security solutions (Price: $59.95 1 year. $20 off in July and Aug 2010) for home and business segment computers. Kaspersky’s business solution is extremely popular in the corporate world. Their security software is tailored down to meet the requirements of every computer user, whether a home user or a business computer user. Also, Kaspersky applies an innovative technology to their security software that provides maximum protection to a computer without using too many computer resources. The results is a fast all in one computer security system that protects you in real-time.
  • ESET Internet Security: ESET Internet Security (Price: $59.99 1 year) is the fastest security available in the computer security industry. Lab tests at top ten antivirus have proved that ESET is not only the fastest but also provides excellent security against known and unknown threats. ESET applies efficient algorithms to quickly detect new and unknown threats. ESET provides all in one computer security for home, business and enterprise level computer systems.

Best all in one business computer security

Although all the above mentioned security software are ideal for business and enterprise level computers, but I personally recommend the BitDefender business solutions and Kaspersky business solutions. Both companies provide the best security software at very competitive prices. Also, their software is not only compatible with older Windows operating system versions, but also with the latest Windows 7 operating system.

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