Avira Antivirus and Security 2013 Released

by Dev Duff on October 16, 2012

Avira antivirus is a well known computer security software in the computer world. Equipped with strong virus scanning engines, Avira released even more robust, Avira antivirus and security 2013 versions. As a leading German security specialist, Avira has solid experience in the development and support of security solutions. They have won hundreds of awards for their fast antivirus and security solutions.

Avira Security Products 2013 version

Avira Security 2013In the new version, Avira released 4 security software: Avira free antivirus, antivirus premium, internet security and internet security plus 2013. The new products have been enhanced to work efficiently while providing more security to your computer. The basic difference between these software is the level of security available. The free antivirus is for those computer users who wish to protect their computer without spending any money. The antivirus premium will provide better protection against viruses, trojans and spyware. The internet security is for those who not only need antivirus protection but also a robust firewall to stay safe from hackers and do online banking with peace. The top Avira software is the internet security plus which provides all the benefits of internet security and also optimizes a PC for better performance and encrypts confidential files and folders.

What’s new in the 2013 version?

Version 2013 goes beyond the PC to protect all facets of your digital life. There are many new features and some old features which have been enhanced to provide better protection. The new version offers browser tracking blocker to keep your browsing safe. This feature allows you to stop companies from tracking your browsing habits. The Avira protection cloud protects you from the latest threats by checking the digital fingerprints of suspicious files on your PC against real-time malware data in the cloud.

Website Safety Advisor is another great feature that protects you from opening a malicious website that can harm your computer. This feature is included in the Avira SearchFree Toolbar which shows ratings of the search results and warns you of any potential threats on websites you are about to visit.

Social Networking has become a major part of our lives. Youngsters and teenagers are also using social networks to communicate with friends and family. Avira Parental Controls allow you to protect your kids from cyberbullying, online predators, reputation damage or inappropriate content on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.

Advanced Antiphishing module within Avira security protects you and your loved ones to stay protected from online scams. Do banking and shopping worry-free! Avira helps you make your online transactions safer by providing extra layers of security.

Official Website: Visit Avira.com for more information

Avira Security Awards

Certification by independent, international research organization such as ICSA confirm a detection rate of AntiVir of one hundred per cent for ITW viruses. Avira has won hundreds of awards from recognized companies around the globe. In June 2012, Avira won an award from the Av-Test.org for providing robust protection, repair and usability. The Association of the German Internet Industry awarded Avira’s Mac antivirus with the coveted eco Internet Award 2012, which recognizes technical innovation in service to the public. VB100 (Virusbtn.com) awarded Avira in June 2012 for providing stellar detection rates and superb blocking of unknown malware while using the least system resources. All of these awards prove that Avira security provides a world-class protection to your system from known and unknown (new) threats.

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i’ve seen a lot of websites which compare antivirus software and everywhere Avira Security was the best, i will probably try it out :)



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Very nice and excellent post i really like this and please keep posting such a nice type of posts.

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Valuable information!!!!!!These tips will definitely help all the entrepreneurs.Thanks alot..Keep sharing this type of informative content with us.


Computer Support

It is the best antivirus and it’s customer support service is good.



i trust on Avira blindly..
its work so fast and remove all viruses.. its really good working in internet security scan…



Now i am using this antivirus.And it is too good for my PC protection.thank you for latest update about this.



Avira is much better then avast.


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