Factors that influence buying decision

by Dev Duff on September 19, 2011

My friend has 3 computers to manage his business. He has been running his business online since many years. Yesterday, he planned to buy a new computer and this time he thought of buying a netbook, mainly to perform online transactions. We began our search on Google to find the best netbooks at lowest prices. I suggested him to buy the netbook from Amazon which is a well-established and trust-worthy seller for electronics. But he wanted to explore before making his “buying decision”. We browsed through a number of websites but finally both of us agreed to buy it through Amazon. After spending two hours in researching and comparing various different netbooks, we were back to Amazon to finalize our purchase. Why?

Factors that influence buying decision

Everyday millions of people buy products over the internet, specially in commonwealth countries like the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European countries and more. The billion dollar question is, “What are the factors that influence buying decision of a customer?” And to think further, we spent 2 hours in researching and comparing netbooks but finally we came back to Amazon and purchased the computer. What actually influenced our decision? Although we did find lower prices on some of the other websites, but why did we choose Amazon only?

There are two factors that influenced our decision mainly: Trust-worthy and Secure! Since Amazon has been in the eBusiness world since years and has a wonderful online reputation for delivering the products accurately, it has developed a level of trust among customers. We were looking for the HP Mini 210 series netbook computer with Intel Atom Processor N455, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive. After searching through hundreds of online shops, we were stuck on these three:

Amazon HP Store Walmart
HP Mini 210 HP Mini 210 HP Mini 210
Price: $299.99 Price: $299.99 Price: $248.00
Product Page Product Page Product Page

As you may see, Walmart has the lowest price on this netbook. All the three websites are trusted and have been in the ebusiness since many years. We could have purchased from either of the websites but why did we chose Amazon?

Reasons why we made a decision to buy from Amazon

  1. Trust-worthy: Amazon is trust-worthy and this the reason why millions of customers prefer shopping at Amazon. They are fast at delivering the product, handling customer’s information securely and providing best customer support.
  2. Security: Security is of the utmost importance. When I shop online, I need to be sure the website where I will be using my credit card and other information, should be secure.
  3. Price: What you see, is what you get. The only thing that adds to the shown price should be the shipping cost. And the shipping cost should be well justified. If they can manage to give a discount on shipping, even better.
  4. Technicality: If you ever noticed, Amazon provides a section below each product: “Customers who bought this item, also bought these items”. This option is wonderful and helps you in reminding what else you may need to use your desired product.
  5. Design and navigation: I love websites where everything is organized properly in categories and sub-categories, specially the “search results”. When I make a search for Netbooks, I only wish to see netbooks in the search results, not printers or other stuff.
  6. Shipping: If I order a product which should be delivered within 3 days, I hate to receive it later than 3 days. I don’t mind waiting even 7 days if the seller clearly mentions that the product will be delivered within 7 days. But false promises are a good way to lose a loyal customer.
  7. Advertisements: Last but not the least, unwanted advertisements of products, popups and other such distracting animation is pointless. I like to avoid sites that have unwanted annoying advertisements or popups, even if it is a “newsletter signup” or “feedback” popup.

All these factors influence a shopper/customer. To me and my friend, the above mentioned points are of the utmost importance and these are the “factors that influence buying decision” of a customer. And this is the reason, we chose to shop our Netbook through Amazon. Of course, we did read hundreds of reviews left by customers for each of these online shops (Amazon, HP and Walmart) before making our decision. So these are the factors that influenced us to shop at Amazon. What factors influence you the most to make your buying decision? Share with everyone by writing your thoughts below! Thank you!

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Allen Cerezo

The very first thing that always come into my mind is the price of the product. I don’t waste money to expensive ones. Second is the quality. From what country is the product manufactured? What is the product made of? And lastly, the shipping. I always want it to be delivered on time without damage.


Los Angeles disability benefits attorney

Buying items online, I also prefer to buy in sites that has a good reputation to its consumers and yeah, Amazon is one of them.

I will not let my money being scanned that’s why I prefer those online shops with a reputation and existing for years.

Amazon also has a good design and web lay-out and search tools which I think is more user-friendly.



Very interesting post. What you said, however, it relevant to the purchase of products. What do you think are the factors influencing “buying decisions” of services?

Obviously trust-worthiness is still at the top of the list, but what else?


Patricia, promotional products

It is always quality over amount of the product. Brand also matters because we need to know the service well before buying.


DealSpace India

Factors that influence buying decision is cost. Then quality of the product..


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