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by Dev Duff on June 11, 2009

Learn to play guitar

Guitars are recognized as one of the primary instruments in different types of music. Constructed of combination of various woods and strung with animal gut or steel strings, guitars are loved and played by people of all ages. Perhaps the first phase is to learn playing guitar and master the art of creating beautiful sounds and sound combination.

Playing guitar is an art that requires control over the six strings and it all comes with practice and proper guidance. A recent study shows that 80% individuals who begin learn playing guitar end up dumping their guitar in the most isolated corner of the room just because they didn’t get that proper guidance to play it. Most of us have gone through this phase when we started off something with a great determination, but gave up due to lack of resources.

Out of all those individuals who wish to learn playing guitar, only 20% succeed in learning guitar. Just because they find the right kind of guidance & resources, they master the art of playing guitar. The rest 80% end up hating their guitars because they do not achieve a significant amount of success.

Honestly, how many times in your lifetime have you thought of playing guitar?
How many times have you really thought of learning to play guitar?
If you were really serious, then why were you not successful?

There are various reasons for being unsuccessful in doing what you always wanted to do. A few reasons:

Patience: Learning to play guitar is something that requires a lot of patience. Guitar is an ultimate instrument and requires a professional touch. Understanding the six strings may take months, may be years. But what’s the hurry? Lets give it the time it needs. You will slowly get the feeling and will eventually learn playing guitar with practice.

Practice: Everything needs practice. Not all of us were born with those special skills to play guitars. Not all the top guitarists played guitar that cool when they first thought of learning to play guitar. They were just like you and me. But they invested time, brain, patience, dedication and did everything that was required to learn playing guitar and master the art.

Dedication: Dedication supersedes everything. If you have the burn to learn, you will go a long way and you will just keep going on and on. Come on, keep your hopes alive. Believe that you are going to learn it and you will be a popular guitarist one day. Dedication and your belief in learning guitars will boost your performance day-in, day-out. Dedication is also followed by proper resources, because without proper resources, efforts will get wasted.

Resources: Of course you need a guitar to begin with. A very good resource to check is Guitars for beginners where you can find the best beginner level guitars. Apart from a good guitar, you also need to follow a trusted ‘guitar learning system’ that can help you pick up faster. Learning to play guitar may seem like a daunting task. Apart from patience, practice and dedication, you need a good, experienced and professional tutor who can help you achieve your goals faster and help you to learn playing guitar. There are very good courses available online.

Although there are free courses available, however, if you are really serious about learning guitar, you should seek a professional course. Only professionals know how to learn playing guitar faster and with a much higher accuracy. Legacy learning systems offer Learn and Master guitar course that’s not only excellent but quite affordable too. The complete course provides guitar video lessons, printed material, Jam along CDs, professional instructions, online community & student support and a set of 20 DVDs that will help you learn to play guitar in just few months. You can check complete package at Learn and Master website here.

So what is it really that makes you better at playing guitar than others? Its the knowledge of the musical instrument. The deepest secrets of creating music from this sweet instrument called guitar. There may be thousands of guitar students who can play a song or two, but serious music requires serious efforts and deep information of the subject.

So if you are really serious about learning to play guitar, you know what you need to do. Don’t be scared by those six strings, you will be living by them very soon. It is a wonderful musical instrument and successful guitarists find all the fame they ever hoped for. Just remember that nothing in life comes for free. Those who keep looking out for free resources, they spend more time and never get around the learning curve. Be professional and get professional coaching and quickly learn playing guitar the right way, you will find all the success you need.

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Mr. Brown

Hay man, I have the course DVDs and CDs. I purchased the package back in November last year and honestly, I can’t be happier. Learning guitar used to be a dream for me and I read a lot of free tutorials online. But you can’t expect to have great results without professional help. This course is certainly a wonderful guide for those who are serious and wish to learn to play guitar as a professional.
Mr. Brown.


Angele Martin

There are guitar lessons packages that will not only explain the guitar basics to you but will guide you along the way through some medium to advance guitar techniques and solos. Some guitar teaching software is interactive. The course will listen to you play and will tell you if you are playing correctly or not. Some guitar learning software is just like having an instructor in the room. Look for software that comes with a scheduler or timer, plus functions that let you keep track of your progress.


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