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by Dev Duff on April 17, 2010

Bass guitar lessonsBass guitarists and bass guitar students, it is time to cheer up! The popular Learn And Master has released brand new bass guitar lessons for all you bass guitar lovers. The new bass guitar lessons are in the form of DVD videos and jam-along CDs. This course from L&M is power packed with professional instructions in DVD videos that can help you learn playing Bass Guitar like a professional. So if you are into learning and playing bass guitar, these bass guitar video lessons are just for you and this is the right time to order your DVD lessons while its on discount (scroll down to the end of this article to find the discount link).

Let’s talk about how these bass guitar lessons can help you and what’s included in the package. This will give you a better idea of what this course consists and how exactly it can help you learn playing the bass guitar. This bass guitar course is for anyone who wishes to learn playing bass guitar. Also, if you already know how to play it, these video bass guitar lessons will help you brush-up your skills and become a professional guitarist.

Bass Guitar Lessons

A lot of beginner guitarists have lots of questions about various things involved in learning guitar. They have questions like: How to read music? How to position your hands on the guitar? How to position your fingers on frets? There are hundreds of other questions that may bother you. This course is a step-by-step bass guitar learning course and you will be given all of the necessary tools-from music theory and understanding how to read music, all the way to scales and chord progressions. So this course is not just a set of video lessons, it is a lot more than that. These bass guitar lessons are your guides that will help you with understanding the basics and move all the way to become a pro bass guitarist. The course includes 3 power packed DVDs and 1 jam-along CD.

The Instructor: Tony Marvelli

Tony MarvelliTony Marvelli is a well known Bass guitarist who has been playing bass guitar since over 30 years. Tony has a diverse musical background-from folk rock to jazz to big band swing to old-school R&B. With years of experience, he brings his musical acumen with appropriate fashion. Tony has spent a lot of time playing bass guitar with some of the top artists in the Music industry. He has put all his experience together in these bass guitar lessons to give you the best guidance to be a successful bass guitarist. Apart from his passion for bass guitars, he is also a multi-instrumentalist with fretless flair. Tony is an experienced instrumentalist on bass (fretless extended range, fretted, electric and upright), guitar (acoustic, 6 & 12 string electric), mandolin, keyboards, and drums. Tony covers a wide range of musical styles with the artists he works with. From folk rock to jazz to big band swing to old school R&B, Tony’s diverse musical background meets the need of a variety of artists. You can know more about Tony at Wikipedia Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, here you can find info about Tony and his fellow artists in the band DMHO. By purchasing his instructions and lessons, you will be making an intelligent decision. Within weeks you will feel the difference, you will feel that you are learning bass guitar at a much faster rate. You will find yourself understanding the bass guitar much better as compared to before.

Learning The Basics

In the Learn and Master bass guitar lessons you will be familiarized with the basics of learning bass guitar. All the questions that may be on your mind about bass guitars, are answered in the DVD video lessons. If you are an intermediate guitarist, you already know that it is really important to brush-up the basics from time to time and there isn’t a better course that teaches you everything. This course is all set to explain everything in detail, it will clear all your doubts, will answer all your questions and more.

Advanced Learning

Bass Guitar LessonsAs you begin watching the video lessons, you will start learning the bass line patterns which is the first step to begin learning bass guitars. Thereafter, you will be learning the chords, scales and chord progressions. These are the important aspects to become a well-rounded bass guitar player. Where these DVD lessons will brush up basics for beginner bass guitarists, the lessons will also help you advance through to chord progression and learning to play the blues. The instructor, Tony Marvelli has done brilliant work in making it look so easy, what new guitarists find very difficult. Once you go through the beginner and advanced stages, you will be ready to perform and use your skills with a real band with the Jam-along CD, which is part of the course. This jam-along CD has a stereo split-track feature that allows you to hear a full band in the left channel, and the bass guitar in the right channel. This will assist you in improving your skills as a bass player in a band and also as a soloist. This advanced learning system is power packed with instructions from one of the most experienced bass guitarist, none other than Tony Marvelli.

The Price and Discounts

The price of this amazing course is just $59. However, if you order your bass guitar lessons before April 30th, you will receive $10 off! To avail this discount, click here to buy bass guitar lessons course from Learn and Master. So what do you think about this course? Please share your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

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I think, their bass guitar course is going to be very popular for those who are learning or wish to learn playing bass guitar.



Perfect, thats what I was looking for. I’m learning the bass guitar so hope these bass guitar lessons will be helpful.


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