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by Dev Duff on December 28, 2010

Most of us are up with New Year resolution and this year I have decided to learn playing guitar. To begin with, I will be searching out on some of the best known guitar lessons for beginners that can help me quickly learn the guitar basics and then help me brush up my skills. So far I have been learning guitar through some of the free guitar lessons available on different websites. I have also tried to learn guitar by following videos on websites like YouTube and more. However, I will be a little more serious towards learning guitar in the year 2011. There are two ways to learn guitar: take classes or buy some guitar lessons online.

Since my life is busy with kids and family and also have a job, I rarely get time to learn guitar through out the day. This is the main reason I have been unable to learn guitar. I find some free time late evening after dinner or in the early morning. But I don’t think I can find a guitar teacher within this time frame. So it is best for me to learn guitar with the help of some good “guitar lessons for beginners” available online. I have searched enough and found only two guitar courses that seem to be promising. Both of these guitar lessons are from some of the best and most experienced guitar teachers in the industry.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar

I have heard about Gibson’s Learn and Master guitar lessons from a lot of people and have read great reviews over the internet. This course is a highly professional course that includes DVDs, CDs, theory and instructions from well known guitar tutor Steve Krenz. This package is for serious guitar learners like me and I will be considering to buy this course. I’m hoping to achieve great success with the help of this course and hopefully I will soon brush up my skills to a pro level.

GuitarJamz Guitar Lessons

The GuitarJamz guitar lessons is another wonderful package that provides all that a beginner like me would need to learn playing guitar. The package includes 4 DVD sets in two different packages: Guitar acoustic DVDs and Guitar Blues DVDs. The package is designed by popular guitar instructor Marty Schwartz. Both the packages are designed to help beginner guitarists like me. As you progress from 1 DVD to the other, you enhance your guitar playing skills. The video guitar lessons walk you through various styles and techniques that popular guitarists use to play guitar.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

As far as I understand, both of these guitar lessons for beginners can help you achieve what you wish to achieve with your guitar. All it takes is to practice as much as you can. Since I can devote very little time to learning guitar, I need precise instructions so that I can quickly learn without wasting any time. What’s your take on this subject? What do you think about these guitar lessons for beginners? Have you used any of these guitar courses? Please share your reviews by leaving a comment below. If this page helped you in any way, please share it with other guitar students.

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Thanks for the article.I was a newbie on guitar.lessons helped me alot.Thanks for sharing.


Josh Harris

I used the Gibson one ages ago, it really helped.


fone de ouvido

i learn to play acoustic guitar only on the internet back when i was 15, 16 yo. now i’m like into electronic music and that is the same, i see a lot of really great material on the internet about softwares and gear stuff to this kind of music. i think the collective information avaiable on the web is something really awesome. i have this MIDI device, the name is MPD32, whose I learn how to use on videos and other online material.



I have discovered a new way(for me!)of leaning guitar after many years of inactivity. It involves tabs and online instruction. What a difference it’s made. I never thought that one can learn to play music as an adult. I was wrong.


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