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by Dev Duff on August 17, 2011

When I started learning Spanish, I used to search over the internet to know how to put things into Spanish language. If you are also learning Spanish, try this: Search on Google: Spanish Translation and you will get many results that may be really helpful to help you with Spanish translation. However, to make it easy for you to find services that can help with translating Spanish online, I’m mentioning those services below. I found these resources to learn and translate in Spanish a lot useful.

Spanish Translation Guide

To begin with, there are some awesome free services for Spanish translation online. If you wish to simply translate a sentence or a paragraph, you can use these services. However, I will also discuss some services that can be even more useful. But lets get to the Spanish online translation services.

Whenever I need to convert a piece of paragraph or sentence, I head over to SpanishDict website where I can do the Spanish translation online. This website is so cool that it will not only help you to translate from English to Spanish but the vice versa, Spanish to English. Also, if you are learning Spanish, this site can help you a lot in understanding the language. What more, you can even listen to the translations done in Spanish online so that you can understand how to pronounce the words. This service is powered by three awesome tools – Microsoft Translator, Google Translate service and SDL.

Another great website that offers Spanish translation is the SDL FreeTranslation. Although they have many different languages available, but if you wish to translate Spanish online, it is a great tool. There are two options that you can select for translation. The free translation is a machine-translation which is very effective but may not be too accurate. The other service is paid and if selected, you will be provided with Human Translation. However, most of the times the free translation tool works great. Some of their free tools include website translators, iPhone translation, facebook translations and more. The paid tools include MS Word translations from any language to Spanish language, email translations, text translations and more. They also have other services that may benefit you but that’s beyond the scope of this article. What I like about this service the most if that it offers Spanish translation in Spanish (European), Spanish (Mexican) and Spanish (Latin American).

Many of us already know about the great Google translate service and many of us have already been using it since years. It is one of the fastest and the most trusted language translation service for translating online. You can use it to translate from any language to any language. Spanish translations through this service are close to accurate. However, since it is a machine that translates, the results are not entirely accurate. Still, millions of people contribute to fix problems that arise from computer translations.

There is a way to check if there are any flaws in the translation from any of the above services. To check it, take a piece of text in English language and translate it to Spanish. Then copy the outcome and translate it back to English language. The meaning of the context may change to a great extent which is quite a limitation of machine translations. However, if you wish to be more accurate or wish to learn Spanish language, there isn’t a better tool than the InstantImmersion’s Spanish translation and Spanish learning software. I have been using it since months and I can speak Spanish fluently. Although I don’t consider myself a pro yet but I can communicate very well in Spanish language. Most translation and Spanish learning software are available at hundreds of dollars but the InstantImmersion software is available at cheap price.

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Paolo - Como Hacer Un Correo Electronico

I have used mainly Google Translate, and I hadn’t really heard of any of these others.

To be honest, although Google does a reasonable job there are still some errors naturally.

I’ll give these other a try, see if they can do a decent job.

Thanks for writing.


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