Yahoo! Email – A Pain In The Ass

by Dev Duff on June 26, 2012

I have been using Yahoo! Email since years. My first ever email ID was on Yahoo! It has been 15+ years of love and it used to be great until the Advertisement world took over. And now it has become nothing but a pain in the ass! Advertisements, slow email, annoying errors and what not. I’m sick and tired of this slow service. And when you contact them, you get sugar coated words and their awesome solution – Switch over to Yahoo! Mail Plus a paid service which does not include filthy graphical ads, has offline access with POP, no more account expiration, tens of other boring features and no more filthy errors. So Yahoo! that’s your way to convert free email users to paid users?

Lately I have been getting the error 999, re-login errors and other such bullshit. Yahoo! recently changed the look and functionality of their email services from classical functionality and design. I think the classical design was way better than the Ajax based shit they have now. Yahoo! email is SLOW as hell. It takes several seconds (if not minutes) to login and reach the inbox and the page takes long to load fully. In the mean time if you click on anything, you get to see the sorry ass errors. Yahoo! why don’t you learn from your mistakes? You are known for buying popular websites and then fail them with your stupid actions and then close the website forever. Here are a few examples:

Bix – An online contests website started in Feb 2006 and acquired by Yahoo! in Nov 2006. Yahoo! failed the service completely and closed the website in June 2009. Congrats!

Delicious – A social bookmarking service started in 2003, was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. Yahoo! failed the service completely and then sold to AVOS Systems in April 2011.

Yahoo! Geocities – A web hosting service originally known as Beverly Hills Internet started in 1994 was acquired by Yahoo! in 1999. Yahoo! failed the service and closed it for the world in October 2009. Thank you Yahoo!

Jumpcut – A website that provided free video editing and hosting services, started in Jan 2006, was acquired by Yahoo! in Oct 2006. Yahoo! terminated the service in Dec 2008. Great! – An online RSS Feed aggregation website built for blogs that started in March 2001 and acquired by Yahoo! in June 2005. Yahoo! failed the service and sold the website to Automattic.

These are just a few of the long list of Yahoo! closed services, there are well over 20 different services that Yahoo! failed and closed. Why am I talking about these closed services? Why am I talking about Yahoo! failed businesses? Why am I talking about all of this crap? Because I believe, Yahoo! is soon going to close their free email service too. I am going to change my email ID and perhaps this time I will use my own email ID available with my domain name and forever get done with the slow, laggy, troublesome Yahoo! email service. It is pile of crap and Yahoo! can take their mail plus and stick it up their ….

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I know ur pain mate. Recently, there are a lot more errors than what it used to be. Last night I was writing an email to my mom who is admitted in the hospital. I spend around 30 minutes writing this long email and all of a sudden that sick message appeared, “your session has timed out, you need to login again”. I felt like visiting yahoo offices and smash some ass. Yahoo is a DONKEY company, they will never learn from their mistakes.


Romano Hass

Yahoo email SUCKS a bit time! If I were to compare yahoo email vs gmail, I would give 10/10 to gmail and not even 1 to yahoo email. Everytime I write an email and hit SEND, bloody yahoo asks me to re-login. It is taking the joy out of my life and I’m sick and tired of these stupid errors. Yahoo, you suck!


Bill Naad

I am getting loads of “session timed out” errors even when i login and check first email, i get errors. Yahoo email has become nothing but a joke. I’m switching over to gmail or some other email service. Good bye yahoo! Ur email service was good until the banners and adverts took over.



Yahoo is a BIG Fckng MORON! I just spent an hour writing this long email and all of a sudden that fckng message pop-up saying that my session has expired and I need to re-login. WHAT THE FCK!! You bloody dumbass fags you wasted my time with your fag email programming. YOU SUCK YAHOO! YOU SUCK!



Yeah add me to this list. I freagin hate yahoo email. it is nothing but a big pain in the ass. i’m getting those annoying re-login messages so frequently that i have to try several times just to read my 5 to 10 emails that i get in a day. what’s the deal yahoo? are you sick of your free email users?


Yahoo mail user

Yahoo is a LOSER. All of their services are SHIT. Yahoo mail sucks my ass!!


First Class Foods Inc

My first email id what i have created in yahoo now it is around 7 years old, but still it is not blocking the spam mail all spam mails and reported spam are in my inbox now my inbox is like a junk i fell service is not providing good


Mubi Rana

Dude You Should first check your computer speed and internet speed,Because here Ymail works fine…not even a single error.and i like the new interface of Ymail,it’s pretty clean…however i’m not using it…Because Ymail is not fully trusted lots of email’s hacked now a day’s & thats why i switched to Gmail.


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