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by Dev Duff on October 5, 2009

Hosting Providers

I have shifted twice from hosting provider to hosting provider and recently I signed up with MediaTemple web hosting service. Their dedicated server hosting at $50 per month seemed to be a nice option in the beginning, however, as I hosted my website, I found that they filter out traffic from specific countries. This caused several problems and I had to switch over to InMotionHosting VPS service which again costs at $50 per month. As far as the speed is concerned, I have no complaints. So far, I have hosted over 10 websites on my VPS account and all websites are working great.

Well, there are many hosting providers out there, some are good and some simply suck. I started off with Godaddy web hosting and I really enjoyed the time I spent on Godaddy servers. They have the BEST customer support so far I have experienced with any hosting provider. However, their dedicated hosting service didn’t work out that good for me. The problem being the filtering of traffic or some other x,y,z reasons. All in all, I have been happy with hosting providers I have come across so far, however, I haven’t yet found a WoW web hosting service.

I’m not sure how others go about finding web hosting providers but my idea of finding a hosting provider is based on these factors:

  • Reliability in terms of uptime – If I find that my hosting service is down a lot of times in a given month, it simply pisses me off
  • Customer support and technical support should be at least ‘above average’. When I need help, I need an answer and nothing else.
  • Limited emails – Well, I’m an experienced webmaster and I don’t need 20 emails explaining what great services I can buy. I will buy when I need to buy, won’t buy unnecessarily even if you reduce the price of a service by 80%.
  • Bandwidth – Let’s face it, a lot of hosting providers promise unlimited bandwidth and then they overload it with lots of customers. So, that results in too many webmasters sharing bandwidth.

These are just some of the factors, I’m sure there are a lot of other factors that should be considered while purchasing or signing up for a web hosting service.

Now, whenever I’m looking for a new hosting provider for my websites, I search for web hosting reviews on Google. Most articles I read are about the same hosting providers that I have already tried in past or some of them I know suck badly. I don’t get the idea, why are they discussing the same hosting providers? May be that is because of the incentives or higher commission percentage that forces them to write about them. However, if you go beyond the web hosting providers hoopla, you can find a lot of good hosting providers that actually go an extra mile to ensure that their customers are happy.

There are many hosting providers that are evolving with better packages and goodies that you won’t find with those “popular” hosting providers. Secondly, trying out a hosting service that is new in the market, may be helpful in many ways. A few reasons to list: Better hosting package, lower domain name prices, better reseller plans and other such reasons. Yesterday I was talking to my friend about GR8Host and my friend has the inside information about this company. He told me that they are starting BIG and everyone will be talking about them pretty soon. Who knows, they may turn into one among the best hosting providers in near future. Why not give them a try and find out what is good about them? Why not compare their hosting plans with those so called “popular” hosting providers? Why not contact them while they are starting up and create some good associations with them? It is always smart to create partnerships with evolving service providers because it is easier to setup a long term relationship with new businesses.

There are two web hosting providers that are on my list to try out when time allows for my next hosting provider move and I highly recommend these two hosting provider services. If you are still thinking about the well-known hosting providers, I will recommend MyHosting.com but if you wish to give a try to a new hosting provider that offers great hosting packages and hosting services, try out GR8host.com and compare the plans, domain name prices, support and other stuff with ‘much discussed’ hosting providers.

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Stephen Ryan

“found that they filter out traffic from specific countries”

Are you serious about this? Firstly how did you find out and secondly, is it in there T&C anywhere? Can you point me to where please? I’m actually quite shocked that anyone would do this beyond temporary black holes of botnets.


Dev Duff

Hi Stephen,

When we last planned to move some of our sites to MediaTemple, we had to deal with a few problems.
First of all, by no means I’m trying to say anything bad about how MT works and certainly, this post is not to criticize a particular company.
A new website that we launched recently, we planned to host it on MT dedicated server hosting. The site was earlier on Godaddy shared hosting. But we needed something better, perhaps the best. So we signed up with MT. Everything seemed to work great, however, my partner in india was experiencing over 40 seconds of delay while moving from page to page. We tweaked the site like hell. Reduced http requests, create image sprites, tweaked CSS files, played around with javascript files, changed structure of the website. All that done but still the website was taking over 30 seconds to load anything at all.
Now this situation was amazing. I could access the website and it used to load fully within 5 secs. I’m in Melbourne/Australia. Where as, my partner in India was finding the website extremely slow.
We consulted with a couple of other programmers and they all advised to try some other hosting service.
We moved the site(s) over to InMotionHosting and now we all are finding the site working extremely fast. The same site is loading within 3 seconds at my end and within 8 seconds at my partner’s computer in India.
So yes, MT has some serious issues with filtering traffic from different countries. And mind it, my partner did check the hops, checked with ISP and God knows what else. But nothing helped.
Anyways, this post was to explore options that could be beneficial beyond all that unnecessary hoopla of popular hosting companies. There are options beyond only the well known. And those options could be great.
My next move for any of my sites will be to Myhosting.com or to Gr8host.com




I agree with you Dev, at times Mediatemple web hosting sucks a big time. I fell into a similar situation with the Media temple grid hosting. My blog was taking a hell lot of time. I called up their customer service to know if they had any solution but they were unable to figure out what was going wrong. I signed up with Godaddy shared hosting and there we are. The same blog is loadin within 5 seconds.

ok, I’m done ranting lol. I have not yet tried Myhosting.com or Gr8host.com but would appreciate if anyone has tried them and can write a review or share experience.

Thanks, Ronnie.



Hi Dev
First of all this is a very informative article and any newbie in hosting market should read it.
In the past i changed from host to host, i think in the last 2 years i moved from more then 6-7 different popular hosting companies, if is not that is something else, each one of them has their own shortcomings and disadvantages. If is not support, is the speed, if is not the speed is the price, etc. The best hosting company i found there is from site5 but that is too expensive for my budget, for the moment I’m using a hosting account from one of my friend. Though is a popular wehosting company it works like hell, i hope in short time i will earn some bucks and afford a good host. This time i will try something small that not oversell and which is not overcrowded.


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