Send Large Email Attachments up to 10 GB

by Dev Duff on May 8, 2009

Send Big Email Attachments

I have been using internet since year 1995 and emailing at that time was like once in a blue moon thing. Very few people used internet to converse with friends and family. However, now emails have become a major part of our lives. There are a lot of free email services on internet and we widely use emails in various sectors of life: communicating with friends & family, communicating with business co-workers, ordering goods, tracking orders, performing business transactions and ‘n’ number of other things. Where emailing is a necessity, the next big thing is creating bigger attachments.

I have been using free email accounts offered by Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and MSN. However, none of these free email services offer attachments more than a few megabytes. So, if I were to send a file around 10 MB, I used to break it up into 3 or 4 parts, attach each part to a new email and then send separate emails. On the other end, the receiving person had to combine different attachment files to get the original file. It used to be very time consuming and annoying. I wonder what ‘not so tech savvy’ people do to send over big files as attahcments!

Lately, I stumbled across a cool email service on internet that allows email attachments up to 10 GB, that’s 10,000 MB! Send Your Files offer a wonderful email service that allows you to send HUGE attachments. It is like a dream come true. Not only that, you can upload a file once and then attach it to multiple emails. Send your BIG attachments to as many people as you wish. Most of the free email services offer unlimited email space these days. The receiving party will receive your emails with huge attachments without a problem.

The next best thing is that you can either use this service directly from your computer through Microsoft Outlook with the POP3 access or you can use the webmail service just like you use free email services like Yahoo mail, Google Mail, MSN or any other email service. With this cool email service, you also get Online File Storage option where you can save your important files and whenever you wish to share them with someone, just compose a new email, attach your stored files and send them over! Send Your Files is an award winning service and is gaining a lot of popularity among email users across the globe, from home users to the business sector. You can create your new email account by visiting this link.

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Kannishka Dey Sarkar



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Its really looking an amazing email service. I have to attach the large files with my mails but i the email services providers like gmail and yahoo doesn’t offer more than 20 mb. But now i got the solution of my problem. I am going to get my pkg. Thanks for sharing such a valuable review with us.



Emails provides also provide support for large attachments like hotmail. Another technology worth mentioning is torrents. Torrent clients are now so advanced, even a novice can easily create and share torrent for a file easily.
[url=]How to share large files over internet[/url


Md.Sirajul Haque

I want to upload large video, ms or xls file my email attach for send to another email.


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