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by Dev Duff on September 14, 2010

I often get this question, which is the most reliable and cheapest web hosting service? I have been working online since many years and my friends, relatives and clients rely on my experience, so they ask me this question quite often: Which web host is better for a small business website? I have hosted websites on many different web hosting services. Since most of my clients belong to “new businesses”, they are generally looking for a shared hosting service, not the dedicated service. Now for someone who doesn’t have much information about hosting providers, they often get lost in understanding and comparing hosting specifications provided by various hosts. The question is, what configuration is good for a start-up business website? Once we understand the answer to this question, we can then understand which is the most reliable and cheapest web hosting service out there.

Analyze your hosting needs

The real question is not what specifications different hosts offer. The real question is, what is your requirement. Stick with the basics and calculate your requirements. If you are just starting with a brand new website, perhaps “any” hosting service will be good to go. You don’t really have to brainstorm about the specifications hosting service providers offer. Let’s take an example, I designed a website for a client who just setup his business online. Since it is a brand new start-up business, how much traffic can you expect? The answer is: NONE. Now think, is there any logic in comparing: Host A provides 10GB monthly bandwidth and Host B provides 5GB monthly bandwidth? Do you think you can even consume 5% of that bandwidth in a month with a brand new website? So, specifications at this point should not be your “high priority” element. At this point, reliability should be a higher priority. You should try to find out how reliable a service is.

List of reliable hosting service providers

Whenever I find a good reliable hosting service provider, I add them to my list. Then I heavily research on that hosting provider to find out if they are really reliable. Also, I keep noting down the monthly price of their economy hosting service. Since we are talking about new start-up businesses, this list shows the most reliable and cheapest web hosting service providers:

Reliable and cheapest shared hosting

As mentioned earlier, this list is for small business websites and startup websites. But if you have an established website(s) and looking for a reliable and cheapest dedicated hosting service provider, you can check specifications of these reliable dedicated and VPS hosting providers:

Reliable and cheapest VPS hosting

Reliable and cheapest dedicated hosting

My favorite hosting provider

I have changed from one hosting provider to the other through out the time because of some problem or the other. General reasons why I moved from one host to the other: problem with datacenter, site running slower, security issues, bad support, server downtime, etc. These are the reasons why webmasters jump from one hosting provider to the other. However, the last time I changed to a hosting provider was two years ago. Although I have accounts with different hosting providers but I loved hosting my sites at MyHosting web hosting service because they are simply outstanding at what they do. Although, Myhosting is not at #1 spot in the rankings and hosting comparisons mentioned above, but if you compare the “specifications”, you will be amazed at their server configuration. Your site(s) will load much faster with them. It is a well-known fact that faster loading sites rank higher on search engines. So if you really care to get the best, go with Myhosting web hosting service. Their hosting service, reliability, pricing, uptime, support, everything is simply awesome!

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John Brown

That’s an excellent review of the best web hosting services. I’m about to switch over from a shared hosting account to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Think I should go for VPS hosting. What do you say Dev?


Media Temple Hosting

Those are some of the best and cheapest hosting service providers. I have been with Media Temple since beginning and I kinda like them too.


Godaddy hosting

Hay what about godaddy? Don’t you think they are good? I think they are good too, but may be those are better that you mentioned in the lists above.



Very good review of the best hosting providers. I am about to sign up for a dedicated hosting account for our business portals. Thank you for sharing these awesome hosting providers’ lists.


Just host

hey what about the just host web hosting? Think they are good too ..


Yahoo web hosting

I have an account with Yahoo and I have my site hosted on their ASP hosting service. I think it is good too..


Lunar pages

Lunar pages is awesome! I loved them while I had an account with them.



webhostingpad is the cheapest! $1.99 per month


Jabber server

Nice and informative review for me and list of hosting providers is awesome. keep it up!


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