Microsoft Adcenter vs Google Adwords

by Dev Duff on October 26, 2011

I have been holding myself from writing this post because I generally ignore the “CRAP OF THE WEB” and try to concentrate on the good things that take my most attention. Anyhow, I must have had a bad day that I thought of advertising my business through Microsoft Adcenter and signed up for an account at Microsoft Adcenter portal. Perhaps I wanted to waste my precious time and give out my credit card to a company which is not competent enough to serve me right. Why do I say so? I’ll answer that question in a bit. But hey, I’m happy with Google Adwords because they care to keep me as a customer! Although I find it a bit costly but still worth it! Although this post is about Microsoft Adcenter but you could take it as a comparison between Microsoft Adcenter vs Google Adwords so that you could save your precious time and concentrate on the better service.

Microsoft Adcenter

A little overview of what Microsoft Adcenter is in real. It is a “Pay Per Click” portal where merchants can signup and advertise their website for promoting their internet business. More or less, it is just like the Google Adwords portal.

When I signed up with Microsoft Adcenter, I browsed through the Adcenter interface which is almost like the Google Adwords inteface. I was pleased to see everything well organized. So I setup the account, I set up the ad campaign. And then setup the ad that I wished to quickly run. Setup the keywords that I wanted to bid on. The next thing I did was adding my credit card information because that “Payment Profile NAG” kept showing up that I needed to add a payment profile to my account. So I quickly added my credit card info to run the ads quickly. Everything was setup and I thought perhaps the ad campaign will begin soon. Its been more than 48 hours and still NOTHING.

I login to my Microsoft Adcenter account, I browse to the AD CAMPAIGN area just to find that it is still asking me to link a payment profile to it! I have already given a payment method which is my credit card but the stupid thing is still asking for a payment method! What am I supposed to do Microsoft? You want me to add another credit card to my account? What in the world am I supposed to do so that my ads quickly start showing on BING? The thing is, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING if you don’t approve the ads quickly! Hey! This is the end of the month and I want my ads to show up quickly so that I can raise some revenue within this month. But if you are going to take so much time to approve the ad campaigns, what am I supposed to do?

Alright, much to the agony, I thought I should contact your team and see if there is something I missed to do. I click your HELP section just to find a messed up page. Can you believe this? The Feedback page is all messed up because it has POOR PROGRAMMING. Just see the screenshot below:

Microsoft Adcenter

Who designed that feedback page? Even I can design a better page than that. Is this how you run your business? I wonder! Anyway, I’m upset because I wasted 2 days, that’s 48 hours! Wasted it on a company that does not even care about customers. Is this the reason why people recommend Google Adwords and alike? Google should thank you for promoting their business because your employees don’t care a crap!

Let’s discuss what is going through my mind at the moment. I believe, Microsoft Adcenter is incompetent. I believe, Bing is incompetent. I believe, it is better that I invest my efforts and money in a better competitor in the Pay Per Click arena and save myself some time and brain to concentrate on how better I could convert the clicks to sales rather than waiting for your lazy staff to approve my ad campaign. So Microsoft, this is the last time I’m trying out your nonsense Adcenter or whatever you wish to call it. I will never ever use Microsoft Adcenter to promote my internet business. Thanks for NOTHING!

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What dou you think about Facebook ads?


Alan Gave

Not that I am the biggest fan of anything Microsoft, but things went pretty smoothly for me. Ads were approved almost instantly and so on. I also like their use of dynamic text which Google lacks as far as I know.

Still though, I totally understand your frustration if nothing happened after 48 hours!


Kevin@Payday / Student Loans

For us, Adwords is far better than in terms of easy of setting up an account and ROI. We also tried Facebook ads, its easy to setup but in terms of ROI, its a crap.


Noah ava

Google definitely has a larger market share than adCenter. AdWords has been reaching millions of users daily for a considerable period of time. People respect Google, and subsequently their paid advertisements, as a trusted provider of information. So, your AdWords campaign gains that respect.

Microsoft’s adCenter is just as effective, and claims to reach 163 million unique searchers. you can only promote your ads in text or mobile formats.



I actually don’t think Google AdWords is a good choice and your article about getting quality traffic (Infolinks vs. Clicksor) proves this very well. Everyone decides for itself but I wouldn’t choose Google, it’s too expensive and there are better alternatives for the same amount of money.


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