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by Dev Duff on September 24, 2012

Clicksor vs Infolinks

I have been a longtime user of Google Adwords and indeed, it is awesome when it comes to getting quality traffic to your website through text or banner advertisements. I prefer text ads because of various reasons. Text or Contextual advertisements have always worked better for me over banner adverts. Also, it is easier and cost-effective to create text ads. All you have to do is design different text ads and rotate them evenly. Compare the reports and you’ll know which text ads performed better. Recently, I thought of trying other venues that offer text or contextual advertisements.

Mind it, there’s a lot of difference between text ads and context ads. I hope you understand the difference. In short, text ads are just like banner ads where the ads appear in an ad-box. However, contextual advertisements appear within a piece of context, just like regular links within an article. So I thought of trying out agencies that offer contextual advertisements. To begin with, I selected the two most popular: and and signed up advertiser accounts with them.

I quickly added campaigns to both services and added same advertisement to the campaigns in both accounts. It has been a week since I added my campaigns at Clicksor and Infolinks. Here are some of the basic differences I found with these two companies:

Clicksor Campaign

When I signed up with Clicksor and logged in, the account management, campaign management and everything else was very well organized. It was easy to walk through different sections, add campaign, add Ad group, add keywords, assign daily budget, apply max bid to the keywords, etc. All of it was a breeze. On top of that, the day I added the campaign and added funds to my account, I got a call from the assigned manager. She was very helpful in answering my questions and helping me with setting up the campaign. The point to note here is that Clicksor team is very active and always eager to help advertisers.

I planned to test the account with small funds and added just $20 with the max bid 5 cents for each click. Most of the keywords I had selected had no bids at all. No bids? Well, that was a pleasure because with Google Adwords, I would have been paying at least 1 dollar per click for the same keyword. Everything went smooth and I was pretty hopeful of getting some good conversions.

The campaign lasted 3 days and the $20 budget was consumed. Here are the stats from my campaign:

Impressions: 1,31,199
Clicks: 192
Spent: $21
Conversion: ZERO sales

The stats may look just fine but here’s something that amazes me. Loot at the individual click through percentage from different websites where my advertisement was displayed:

Campaign sorted by Amount Spent

Impressions Clicks CTR Amt Spent
2,170 97 4.47% $4.85
65,823 39 0.06% $1.95
66 6 9.09% $0.30
40 5 12.50% $0.25
7,665 4 0.05% $0.20
210 3 1.43% $0.15
225 2 0.89% $0.10
2 2 100.00% $0.10
5,393 2 0.04% $0.10
461 2 0.43% $0.10
9 2 22.22% $0.10


The above statistics are just a small portion of the overall campaign report. When I checked this report, I felt the need of discussing sites that had high CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to the sites that had very high impressions but low clicks. Specially when “none” of those clicks converted to a sale. Do you see anything unusual in this report? I leave it up to you to decide whether there’s any benefit of going with Clicksor. For me, no matter how much traffic a network sends, if it does not convert, it is useless. You might say, I should optimize my landing pages but as I previously mentioned, I had a very good conversion with Google Adwords. The only pr

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