GooYaBing and the Social Bandwagon

by Dev Duff on May 7, 2012

Search Engine algorithms are changing faster than a dog can lick his backside and to keep up with the pace, is the whole game. So you are a webmaster and you launch a new website, add loads of content but then you can’t get out of the sandbox for whatever reasons. The first three months are a pain in the neck as you wait on the driving seat while you work your ass off but nothing happens. So you think that you need to do something magical that the bots come running to your website to index your content and begin sending traffic. But nothing happens and you get overdrawn at the memory bank!

I launched a new website couple of months ago and since then me and my friends have been working hard on the site, adding unique high quality content, waiting for the bots to begin digging and start sending the traffic. But all I see is that the bots are doing their job but no ranks, no traffic. So what’s possibly I can do to begin getting some traffic? Oh yeah, the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest and of course, how can we forget, the almighty Google+ social network.

So I go to these networks and submit some of my best content links. THERE GOES a bunch of nasty bots sniffing and digging the content but wait a second, none of them is either of the three Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Oh ok, these are those special bots that live on the social networks just waiting for someone to submit links/content and they can quickly go scrape whatever they find useful “for their masters”. Right right .. I get it, you’ve got loads to say on this topic. I wouldn’t get into the filthy game of naming those bots. But seems like every social network has their own bunch of stray dogs lurking around to find an opportunity to scrape content or do some other nasty things. Makes me wonder if some “real people” also exist on these networks who really click links and read some of your hard work.

For example, Twitter. Are there any real people there? Really? Oh well, you’ve 20k followers and you are following another 20k tweeters and all of them tweeting at the same time. Don’t tell me that you read each and every of those tweets and same goes with others, not all of them are reading your tweets. So what is this tweet-tweet mess and most of all, what’s this you follow me and I follow you crap? Well, that’s the blind leading the blind and the blind following the blind! Most of us are too naive to make a single buck out of this socialmania. Same goes with Facebook,, and more.

As far as I see, the only reason why one should do some social linking is to attract the GooYaBing: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Because only these three matter in the real world and make up for more than 95% of your traffic from “search engines”. I’m not talking about the type-in traffic or traffic from linkbacks you left on other websites. Pure search engine traffic (organic traffic) generated by the power of your content. I do social networking of my content links just to tell search engine bots that some new content is written and published on my website. Out of the three, Google bot comes running, Yahoo comes stumbling and Bing … Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.

So what is it really you do in a situation like this? Social networks demand loads of your time and time is what you don’t have. You’ve got to be too involved into this blind leading and blind following, just targeting the “Numbers”, you tweet them and they tweet you. You follow them and they follow you. Is there really some quality factor in this pile of cowdung? So what helps you the most? Do you really go hugging these social networks in the first three months of the launch of your brand new website? Or do you take the aerial route and go PPC to bring some quality traffic?

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