Google’s Panda/Penguin updates are a Gimmick

by Dev Duff on October 13, 2013

Google Panda

Don’t take me wrong just from the title! First read my thoughts and then judge me. I started this blog years ago and have always tried to post unique information after thoroughly researching on the topic. But, with the Google Penguin/Panda updates, my blog sank down to the bottom of the ocean and my traffic has disappeared from Google search. Why? Oh so you say, I created some bad links to my blog? But hey, I’m too lazy to create backlinks on my own. “I don’t have time to create backlinks”. So who created those backlinks from crappy stupid websites? Let me share some information with you all so you know where I’m coming from.

Since the beginning of my eVentures, one thing I have always hated: creating backlinks. Because I’ve always refused to do things that don’t make sense. A blog is supposed to be a blog, where you write and publish your thoughts. You should just care for your blog and make it look better, make navigation easier, make the content readily available without too many banners and advertisements. And, that’s what I did. I cared for my blog, content, looks, navigation, etc. I never had the time to go chasing other web admins, “Hey, we have blogs on similar topics, would you like to exchange links with me”? I always hated that and so never did it.

However, if people copy your content and paste it on other blogs or create backlinks from stupid looking new blogs, is there anything you can do about it? My blog content was copied over and again in the last 3 years and pasted on various stupid websites across the internet. Please note:

I filed so many DMCA reports to Google for removing my content from hundreds of blogs in the past 3 years. That was still easy to do because all I had to do was take a note of all of the blogs that had copied my content or were linking to my website and just file a report with Google to request removal of those pages. Google could remove them easily because Google owns But what can I do for other websites? Here’s something interesting to share with you all.

An year ago, I started a major campaign to find out who copied my content while tracing all of the links coming to my blog (I have been searching offenders all of the time, I’m just referring to a “major” campaign in this case). I started contacting web admins to get my content removed and to get the links removed pointing to my blog pages. One of the web admins who had a blog on, replied back and asked me to make a payment of $100 for the link removal. Really? Now is that what I’m supposed to do to make Google Panda happy? Are you reading this Google? Is this what web admins are supposed to do now? Chase offending web admins, domain registrars and hosting providers across the internet in order to get the links removed? And, are we supposed to shell out thousands of dollars just because some web admins thought, “OH WOW, let’s create crappy links to other websites so that they come to us with a link removal request and then we can charge them a fee”!

Fine, you wanted to kick off content farms, article websites, low quality websites with loads of content that had no meaning but were written just to get links. But why burn all of the small businesses who are doing the right thing, generating unique content, generating quality content, offering legitimate services, etc?

I believe, this Penguin/Panda update is nothing but a gimmick! Drop the traffic for those weaklings who don’t have enough money to fix the problems “other web admins created for them” and show them the way to Google Adwords for traffic. What are the web admins supposed to do? I created a page 3 years ago and since many people copied it, linked to it from stupid websites, WHY am I supposed to pay for it? Help me understand what are you trying to achieve through all of this craziness?

You agree or not, the Google Penguin/Panda is nothing but a Gimmick to drive more web admins to Google Adwords! So you better pay to get traffic or pray that unethical weaklings on the internet do not link to your website!

I just wish to ask Google if they ever look back and analyze what they do to legitimate web admins and small business owners. Read below mentioned pages. Oh yeah, they relied on Google for traffic and for their business. THAT is their fault, isn’t it? Well, here’s my thought, Google Panda sucks!

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Johnny Boi

Butthurt are you, aren’t you? Stop complaining and do something to remove those bad links pointing to your blog. Google doesn’t give a shit what you think about penguin update or panda update. They will continue to do their job. You should do your job!


Dev Duff

Hi Johnny,

Of course I’m butthurt. But I wouldn’t feel disgusted if I had done anything wrong or if I had followed any blackhat techniques.

Google is banging me for things that I did NOT do. If people copy my articles and use them on x,y,z websites, how much control do I have over that? People are so dumb that they wouldn’t even remove the “internal links” I have within my articles. They just copy everything and slam it on their website. “That’s where” all of the links come to my blog. And Google thinks, I’m going and creating copies of my content and linking back to my blog. Utter Nonsense!



My website is hit by an update.. How to recover ? help please! :(


Fred Taiwan

I can see how what you say is true. Maybe it is just a gimmick.


Service de référencement de site internet

Hi sebastian,
the first step for you to recover:
go to google for webmasters and demote all the bad quality backlinks pointing to your website.
Then check your website for duplicate content using an online tool.

If it doesn’t get better, check if your website was sandboxed or penalized
good luck


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