Fishy Too Heavy For The Birdy?

by Dev Duff on July 30, 2010

Twitter is an awesome social networking platform and perhaps among the top 5 social networking platforms for internet users, specially for marketers and businesses. An year ago when I signed up an account with twitter, I thought COOL! What a brilliant social networking service. We then saw a boom of twitter users, following-unfollowing, sharing information, sharing news, developing marketing methods using twitter and a lot more. And now, most webmasters like using Twitter and Facebook as their favorite social networking platforms.

A lot of webmasters heavily rely on social networking platforms to bring traffic to their websites and needless to say, a lot of us are addicted to these amazing free tools. We are so used to using our favorite social networks that it would be tough for many of us to run business without them. For eg., Twitter is a wonderful source to get B2B customers but what if it does not work?

Recently, I have been getting all kinds of twitter errors while changing my image, while tweeting, while deleting direct messages and what not. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, not sure why they aren’t coming up with fixes but to a webmaster, it is tough tough tough! Here’s what I have been looking at lately:

Twitter Heavy

Is the fishy too heavy for the birdy?

Twitter is over capacity error messages are becoming so frequent that I’ve started hesitating to use their service. Today it took me 15 minutes just to check couple of Direct Messages that I received from my friends.

Are these “Twitter is over capacity” error messages too frequent?
Yes, I’m getting these errors frequently.

What’s the cause of these Twitter errors?
I don’t know!

Is the Twitter team working to resolve these errors?
I hope so!

What do you think personally about these errors?
All I hear is the birdies screaming: “May-day May-day! We are going down! Twitter is too heavy! May-day .. we are going down!”

As a webmaster, if it is not working for me, it is useless to me. So I hope Twitter team fixes these problems sooner. I have been shying away from other social networks like Facebook, Stumbleupon, etc. But I guess, it is time to check what’s in the the Facebook Community for me.

Here’s what I have to say to the Twitter team: Guys, you have created an amazing social networking platform. Webmasters love it! But why so many errors lately? Is the fishy too heavy to handle? Well, if the fishy is too heavy, employ more birdies please. Because if you won’t, all the fishy will vanish before you even know!

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Online Community Software

I think the popularity of Twitter has been the biggest surprise to Twitter themselves. I agree that it’s a great social networking tool and they are working behind the scenes (according to their blog) to get it running smoothly. In the mean time however I would suggest you stop shying away from the other social networking websites, you’re missing out on great opportunities!



Also had these errors! Thankfully Twitter supplies the least of my traffic currently. FB is a great platform for connecting, however, I still get the majority of my Social traffic from MySpace. Almost never hear about that anymore, eh?

All the best!


PB Scott

I have been on twitter for almost a year now and have nearly 1000 followers. I have not found it useful at all yet, I have only ever had less that 15 visitors in over a year.

Although it doesn’t seem to help with marketig for me, I do find twitter to be a good way to check for up to the minute updates on any news stories you are following.


Marketing Kansas City

I’ve seen far too many tweets that are overtly promotional and might as well be spam. The key to using Twitter is to engage your followers using common dialogue, witty remarks or other verbiage to help gain responses. I think people focus too much on trying to make the perfect sentence, rather than just say what’s on their mind.


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