Earth Class Mail: Best Mail Forwarding Service

by Dev Duff on May 7, 2009

Earth Class Mail - Web Based Mail Forwarding

When you are heavily packed with orders and you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of, rushing out to the Post Office to check your mails, may be pretty time consuming job. Whether you use a PO Box address for personal reasons or use it to receive your business emails, Earth Class Mail will receive all your mails, securely scan them, send them over to you electronically or ship your mails to your through Fedex.

The Earth Class Mail is one of the best internet based mail forwarding service that is accessible from anywhere. No matter where you are in the world, you can always check your PO Box mails with the ease of a click. Here is how the Earth Class Mail works, in easy steps:

  1. Signup with Earth Class Mail.
  2. Choose one or more PO Box addresses.
  3. Notify your mailers about your new PO Box address.
  4. Authorize Earth Class Mail to receive mails on your behalf.
  5. Earth Class Mail team scans each sealed envelop with sender’s address clearly showing.
  6. You will receive email showing the images of scanned sealed envelops.
  7. You login to your account at Earth Class Email.
  8. You tell Earth Class Mail what to do with your mails.
  9. Request only selective mails to be opened securely and scanned.
  10. Earth Class Mail confidentially scans requested mails and send the scanned screenshots to you.
  11. Request Earth Class Mail to ship other mails to you through Fedex.

With Earth Class Mail, you be the boss. You tell them which mails to open and scan for you. If you do not wish your mails to be opened, you can simply request them to ship them to you or anyone else through Fedex. It is one great service that allows you to have an online PO Box address no matter where you are physically in the world and you get 100% control over your postal mails. That’s one cool service!

If you are thinking about the security and privacy of your mails, then you can rest assured, this powerful Internet Powered postal mail service is being used by millions of customers across globe. This is an award winning service that is getting great recognition through out the world. Earth Class Mail has been in news for their quality service and soon they are launching their service for Europe Addresses. So if you wish to have an address like:

Aaron Field,
PO Box 7777 #22333
New York, NY 10012-5545

If you wish to have an address like this, Earth Class Mail has some great packages for you. Starting as low as $9.99/mo, Earth Class Mail will handle all the mails for you, scan the sealed envelopes, open only requested mails and securely scan them for you, forward mails that you do not wish to open and have them shipped right at your doorsteps or just recycle the junk mails that you do not wish to keep in your PO Box address. There are a lot of other good options that your Earth Class Mail account offers, you can check all the available options at Earth Class Mail, by clicking here.

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