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by Dev Duff on July 4, 2013

Drupal Themes

I wonder where in the world are premium Drupal fluid width magazine themes? Its been 3 days since I started searching over the internet and yet I can’t find a single magazine theme to suite my needs. I must have browsed through hundreds of theme demos and what not but can’t find a single theme for my new website!

Oh well, I have been creating WordPress blogs and websites since years and my personal websites are also based on the WordPress blogging platform. However, this time I thought I will use a different CMS or blogging platform for my new upcoming website. I consider 5 different CMS but the problem is that there are very few themes available for those CMS. Then there is Joomla which is quite tough to deal with, so I’m not getting into dealing with that crazy CMS.

Then I locked on Drupal because it is easier in comparison to Joomla and also, its an old enough CMS to have proper modules, themes, etc. However, to my astonishment, in 3 days I found only 3 magazine themes! Incredible, isn’t it?

I don’t understand what is going across a theme designer’s mind when he/she plan to make a Drupal theme. There are certain elements that are extremely helpful to webmasters, why do designers look over all of the necessities/requirements? For eg., in these times, every webmaster’s dream is to have loads of content. For loads of content, you need to have contributors. To have contributors, there should be a readily available Login/Register section “RIGHT UP THE TOP OF THE PAGE”. People don’t take time in closing a webpage, so why make them scroll to the bottom of the page to find the freagin Registration form??

I know, I can always fiddle with the thing and bring it up the top. But hey, that was just an example I shared. There are way too many things that make up the differences between a theme, a good theme and a better theme. I don’t mind throwing away some odd $50 or whatever amount it takes to have a good website where people find everything in the correct place. So is there someone who has a nice Drupal fluid width magazine theme to offer? If you know any good theme which magazine or news style, link me to it! You wish to push your affiliate ID in your link? I won’t mind clicking it and making a few bucks for you.

Lets see if you guys can help me find a nice magazine theme for my Drupal based website!

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Actually, i prefer Wordpress. Durpal hasn’t good themes from my point of view..


Dev Duff

I love Wordpress but at the same time, I don’t wish to put all of the eggs in the same basket. Wish to try Drupal for my upcoming website :)


lutfur hasan

Nice post, Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.


Dev Duff

Glad you liked this post. But can you recommend any fluid width Drupal themes? I’m basically looking for news/magazine style themes for a travel & tourism website.



Joomla CMS is a lot better than the wordpress CMS the only difference is Wordpress uses a lot of free plugins on their website while joomla uses customized plugins.


Dev Duff

I would love to use Joomla but it is pretty complicated in comparison to Wordpress and Drupal. I rather learn Drupal than wasting my time on learning Joomla.


Web Design Portsmouth

As someone who works in the world of web design and web development your article has certainly proved very useful to me and has highlighted a few interesting points. I am at the moment using WordPress but will soon be experimenting with Drupal and Joomla. Good post.


Jim M. Morgan

Thanks for your info guys, I like Drupal! Very nice site…!


Tech News

Drupal is being extinct nowadays because of increasing number of WordPress users. But Drupal is helping me in increasing my business.


Scott Craighead

I’ve always favored wordpress due to how easy it is. I always wanted to look into joombla but I don’t think it’s for me. – Scott Craighead


Stock Rankings

Hey I’m not exactly up to date on magazine themes, and this might sound dumb, but have you searched on drupal.org? I searched for “magazine” in their themes and it returned 37. They have almost 2000 themes now, I’ve been very pleased by them actually.


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