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by Dev Duff on March 27, 2009

Before I go on talking about Website Analytics, I should make it clear what I am talking about. Website Analytics is a piece of software or code that is used to track the visitor activity on a website. The software/code creates a log file of real-time browsing sessions and looking through different statistics and reports, you can analyze: how a visitor ended up on your website, what browsers they are using, what visitors are clicking the most, which pages they are spending most of their time, how much time are they spending on your website, which keywords they used to search your website on search engines, etc. There is a lot of information to munch on and optimize your website for ‘best user experience’.

Its been a little while I have been exploring some outstanding web analytics services for my website I have been an all time fan of Statcounter website analytics and have been using it to track my visitors and customers. I have been very satisfied with Statcounter web analytics free account. However, I came across this top ten web analytics review written by Randy that features Clicktale website analytics being the best web analytics and I’m simply amazed at how good it is. After using the free Clicktale account, I am wondering, why-o-why I didn’t know about it before. Why am I saying so? Continue reading, you will soon discover what I discovered so late.

Clicktale web analytics is a unique approach to website analytics and website analysis. Just like conventional website analytics services, Clicktale offers all those goodies that a webmaster would need normally. It offers real-time visitor activity, referral websites, visitor’s browser type, visitor’s browser version, visitor’s screen resolution, keywords used to search your site on search engines, IP addresses of visitors, Host names of visitors, visit length, visitor paths, visitor activity, etc. Whatever other website analytics services offer, Clicktale offers in a much similar style.

Ever wondered about spying on your visitors? This is the best part that you can make video recordings of your visitor’s activity. Woot! When I saw the first video recording, I was laughing like anything. Oh its so much fun to see what your visitors are doing on your website. Clicktale offers a lot of web-space so that users can store their video recording sessions. On a serious note, if you are a running/managing a business or ecommerce website, you would be very pleased with this facility. You can see what parts of the website are the users pointing their mouse to and where they click the most. Understanding these factors can be really useful to work out on specific parts of your website to convert your visitors to customers/sales. Clicktale is probably the best web analytics service for business websites and ecommerce websites.

Another great aspect of the Clicktale website analytics service is the ‘keyword density’ page. As a webmaster, you would be really interested to understand where are your visitors coming from. How are they discovering your website? What keywords are they using on search engines to find your website? Understanding these ‘keyword reports/logs’, you can well optimize your website for those keywords to get even higher rankings on search engines.

Another cool feature of Clicktale website analytics service is that you can choose specific reports for your dashboard. Just make your selection once and every time you log in to your Clicktale account, you don’t have to go clicking different sections to find/generate reports. As soon as you log in, you will see the compiled reports on your dashboard. It simply saves a lot of time and you can check reports ‘on the fly’.

Installing the Clicktale code is as simple as copy/paste. All you have to do is copy your code from your Clicktale account and paste it in the footer of your website/blog. Thats it!

Top Ten Services posted a very good article and chose Clicktale as the best website analytics service. You can read useful information and reviews of web analytics software on this article top ten web analytics at

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Thanks for your comments! We’re glad you’re getting so much use out of ClickTale and that you’re enjoying it so much!


Dev Duff

Oh I am glad that CLICKTALE personally visited my blog! Thats a great honor. Oh yes, I’m impressed with Clicktale Web Analytics because of the stunning cool options it offers to a webmaster. And online businesses that don’t know about this cool service, are missing out a lot. I hope more people know about Clicktale and enjoy your cool website/traffic analysis services.
Once again, thanks for visiting, your comments much appreciated.


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Hi Devduff, congratulations for being visited by clicktale I also enjoyed reading your blog, specially this review with their web analytics because in the mean time I’m also searching for an alternative web analytics for my blog because I’m still using the free statpress and with your very good review I might try this clicktale.



Latest Technology

Hi DevDuff you did a great job on giving clicktale a review. That’s why you deserved to be visited by them. Thumbs up :) I’ve also read some of your technology related articles and I’ve liked the way you wrote your articles they are simple yet really informative and easy to understand. Keep your site always update my friend.

Thank You,


Blog Literature

Its been looking a very good program. I ‘ll try it. But i don’t think it can compete the google analytics. Let see what will happen. I am going to put its code in my site. Thanks for sharing such a nice analysis program with us.


Amit @ Make Money Blogging

Hi Dev,

I’ll have to try clicktale as I’m running into problems with google analytics. I can’t figure out the problem. My problem with google analytics is that after setting up my blog for google analytics, it works fine for 1-2 months but after that it stops showing data and everything becomes zero like zero visitors, zero bounce rate etc. And to make it work again, I delete everything and have to setup the google analytics again for tracking. Can somebody tell me whats wrong??


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I am a regular user of Google Analytics and I am happy to see Clicktale Analytics coming into action especially for business oriented websites. I wanna try this out as well and I am sure, it will give tough time to Google people.


Outsourcing web development

I prefer to use Google analytic before, because its user interface is very simple and easy to understand and operate, any how after seeing the click-tale i think i have to change my mind and thinning a bit.


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