Choosing a Domain Name the Right Way

by Dev Duff on November 2, 2010

Choosing domain nameAnyone who is into website construction, blogging, or whatever it may be that has to do with the online sphere knows that sometimes the domain name can mean the difference between a successful, frequently visited website and an obscure failure not worth mentioning. Whatever your intended site may be, what is common to all web pages is that they all have unique domain names. Choosing the right domain is not an easy task, given the multitude of existing websites having already registered many short-and-to-the-point domains. This is where SEO comes in, at least in a part.

Keyword research is a significant element of SEO in more than one way. What many webmasters and bloggers don’t realize is that keyword research becomes a requirement in website construction even before the first characters of content are published. Keyword research tools are typically utilized in SEO to improve the SERP position of a given website on certain queries, in SEM to target the right conversion oriented keywords with PPC campaigns, and the list goes on. It is important to recognize that keyword research is as relevant to domain name registration as it is to search engine optimization (the two even rhyme, now that I think of it).

Conducting an in-depth keyword research into the desired niche terminology could help one choose the right domain name – a name that is both unregistered (making it a whole lot cheaper than buying a previously registered domain) and relevant to the desired niche in terms of search engine optimization. Let’s say you want to set up a tech blog focusing on mobile gadgets, apps and the works. You must be aware that many other sites focusing on the same are already out there, established and popular. Using the right keyword research tool will help you isolate the searched for terms in the mobile gadget niche, estimate the intensity of competition on SERP ranking on those queries and choose the one that is both niche-relevant and competition-sensible. Working that keyword into your domain name will generate fair amounts of natural traffic your way, and make it a lot easier to optimize your website accordingly, and in time maybe even to dominate the search engine results on that keyword.

Study, plan, research and revise. Then optimize!

Author’s bio: Dan Stevens is the Content Manager for KeywordShack, a passionate blogger and an SEO enthusiast. You may find him active on the official SEM Blog, or moderating the UK SEO Forums.

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